Anyone gamble?

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  1. I like to play roulette. I usually use a Martinegale betting system, but under the wrong circumstances it can wipe out your whole "account" in just a few bad spins.

    I'm curious if anyone here gambles, and if your money management systems in gambling have been affected at all by your experience trading.
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    i only gamble at Texas and omaha...very rarely do i bet on sports and i never ever play any of the casino games..only poker and i never use the martingle technique on anything...just not me style..
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    A modified Martingale, such as '21', which loosely follows a Fibonacci progression, is way nicer to your roll in an unfavorable game like Roulette. You lose your money way slower.
  4. Other than poker, is any online casino game actually beatable over a long period of time? I was under the impression that every other casino game has a negative expectancy. It just seems like you are defeated before you even begin.

  5. I only practice on free online games. Here is a free roulette simulator (use Internet Explorer if it doesn't work in Firefox).

    The table has a limit of $1,000 per bet, so I usually use $5 bets with the Martingale system:
  6. I play craps at live casinos. Great game for traders!!!!
  7. Revival from long ago. I like craps. What's your poison? Any great stories? Saw a guy hit box cars on four consecutive rolls. Green chip each time. He wasn't rolling. Saw another guy roll sixes and eights, all the hard way, eight times ina row. Anything can happen at a craps table and it's always an eclectic group. I once bet 76 consecutive times on box cars without one f'n dozen coming up. Got a cheer when it finally hit. Hate playing safe. Win big, or lose my roll for the night. I gamble, not all that often anymore, but when I do it's boom or bust. Only play with money I can afford to light on fire. End of the day I still have more of their money than they do of far. Got the bug. Might be time to belly up to the table
  8. Neg expectation game, of course, but still fun. I managed to win the last 8 times I played. I do a simple parley progression on the Field. If you can find a low limit table where 12s pay triple (2/12 usually pay double, these tables are usually found "off the Strip"), then the odds against you aren't too bad. Not as good as pass/come with odds, but not terrible.

    The great thing about Field betting is you get action on every roll. Just don't cheer too loudly when you win on a come out 2/3/12! (for non-crappers that means the Pass better lost on the 2/3 and pushed on 12). Anyway I start small and try to win two in a row. Not too hard on the field. If I lose the first bet in a series, I place the same bet. If I win I leave the winnings. Then if I win the next roll that means I won at least 3X the original bet.

    If you lose several times in a row, then start increasing the"starting" bet and look to get two in a row. If you do it like this it is a very slow (at the start) progression so doesn't get as crazy as a standard martingale. Maybe I was just lucky, but time after time just when things where looking bad, I got a 2 or 12 on one of my parley bets and picked up a nice win.

    Fun stuff.
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    Parking Meter: An automatic device that bets a dollar to your nickel that you can't get back before the time runs out

    The difference between playing the stock market and the horses is that one of the horses must win