Anyone from eSignal there?

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  1. Some people can't log in to eSignal right now and are getting an error message saying their user names or passwords aren't valid. If anyone from eSignal is reading this, please go to the forums and see the post 'Where to find dates of maintenance shutdowns'. I was using 10.6 and 11 about 2 hours ago, so the problem is recent.

    Thank you.
  2. Same issue here.

    Can't log in. Some dummy in the forums claims the acct was disabled. WTF???

    Must be some log on authorization server down or something as my acct is paid up & I got no warning.

    Just no data/no password out of the blue on a Sunday morning.

    Better be up in a few hours!:mad:
  3. I can't log in either.
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  5. They seem to come around when it comes to selling shit.

    Support hours/service suck, especially for those based in Europe!
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    I dumped esignal about 2 years ago after using them for the previous 5. I use iqfeed with sierra charts now and its really not much better. My trading platform lightspeed has much quicker quotes than both of those feeds, unfortunately their charts are not that good.
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    Esig what the f?
  8. Bad password? Yeah right. At least it's a Saturday. Guess I'll go golfing.
  9. Seems to be working now.
  10. Esignal DRM software was down for maintenance. They were suppose to have it done by 5 am EDT but ran over.

    All back up now.
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