Anyone from Belgium on ET?

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by jimmy s, Mar 17, 2009.

  1. jimmy s

    jimmy s


    I was wondering if there are any people from Belgium on ET?

    Jimmy s
  2. cvds16


    several, I am one.
  3. jimmy s

    jimmy s

    That's nice to hear.
    I'm from Antwerp, and you?
    Are you a prop/prof or 'home' trader?

    jimmy s.

    scratch the first, I just saw on your profile you're in Brugge :)
  4. cvds16


    I trade from home, forex and fesx, sometimes ES. Used to be an option market maker and traded options (arbitrage) for my own account and previously had been a local in the futures market in Amsterdam.
  5. jimmy s

    jimmy s

    I too trade from home.

    trading is maybe a bit much, let's say i'm in the 'learning' fase.

    Last year I graduated form the University of Antwerp (I have a master in law, corporate and tax) but I caught the trading bug.
    So now I'm learning to be a profitable trader, which isn't easy (for me).

    If it wouldn't be to much, can I refer you to my post on the eurex trading forum. (under the newbie question thread)
    As you were a market maker you would be the perfect person to answer my question.

    do you 'hook up' with some fellow traders from Belgium sometimes?

    jimmy s.
  6. cvds16


    have a look at
    yes, I hook up with one Belgian trader in a private, international trading room / website.
  7. jlc717


    Hi there,
    I'm working on a book from a trader out of Belgium. Sylvain Vervoort. He writes a lot for Stocks and Commodities mag. I'm pretty excited about it-- hope to have it published and on the shelves by early July.

  8. jimmy s

    jimmy s

    what kind of book is it?
    basic tech analysis?
  9. jlc717


    Hi Jimmy!
    It's going to be quite an extensive text on technical analysis but specifically the type of analysis Sylvain uses to trade-- he uses the acronym LOCKIT for long-term trend, opening rules, closing rules, k-ratio, initial stop, and trailing stop, and the book is framed by this methodology. We've included a primer on candlestick patters, Elliott wave, price projection techniques, and the indicators he deems most successful, hundreds of charts, Metastock code for all of the indicators he uses (including his own proprietary one) and code for other useful techniques (like ATR) with a DVD of it all in the back, and good money/risk management techniques. I think my favorite part is that he doesn't waste any time. He tells you everything straight up. In his own words, he wants to give you all the info you need to successfully trade his method, and that's it. I appreciate that mentality because so many books (even, ahem, some of the ones I work on here) tend to add a lot of "fluff". I wouldn't say this book is basic by any stretch, but a new person would learn a whole heck of a lot. Especially useful is how he walks you through multiple trades with the LOCKIT rules (another good thing, he gives you rules) with exactly how you decide whether to open or close a position. It's kind of like you're trading right along with him.

    Anyways, I could go on and on. That's what us editors do :) If you have any ideas or questions, please let me know! Maybe you could do a review for me when it comes out! You can reach me at

    Happy trading--- jody
  10. jimmy s

    jimmy s

    sounds like a very interesting and practical book. A complete trading system in a book, sounds to good to be true :)

    well if I could give you a suggestion, add some p&l numbers this system generates to the book (real time and backtested). then people can be sure off a low level of fluff.

    keep us informed!
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