Anyone for opening a prop office in Fla?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by fl_trader001, Feb 17, 2002.

  1. I'm looking for other experienced, profitable traders to try to open a prop branch office in Tampa/St Pete/Clearwater or Orlando area.

    Bright or Echo seem to be the most reputable firms with the best rates. I think we just need 4 or 5 people. Email me at When we get the traders together then we can approach the firms about the idea. I have the capital for my acct and am ready to join the prop firm.

  2. LelandC


    I know that Worldco recently opened a prop firm in the Tampa area....

  3. I have seen alot of posts re:Worldco on here. For some reason they seem a little shady to me. Do you have any experiences with them that can confirm/deny this? Thanks,
  4. NYSEat21


    I work for the WorldCo office based out of Boca Raton. Everything they do is more or less by the book since we all have a S7 and S55 licenses. As a result, if you sell a stock and do not have a bullet on it yet, you will get a SSV for $150. The biggest advantage that I see with WorldCo rather than other firms is the amount of capital that you have and the ability to buy bullets (ie: Married Puts). Do realize that WorldCo is a NYSE only Nasdaq stocks here. The only real problem that I have with them is that WLDC in NY (headquarters) likes to screw around with the computers after hours. You will come in and your font will be changed or your layout will different. We are on a VPN type thing where everything goes through WLDC servers in New York and we all hate it. Other than that, I like the fact that I can buy BIG size by going straight to the floor. :)
  5. Thanks for the info, NYSE