Anyone for a turnaround?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by traderich, Mar 7, 2007.

  1. Whatta ya all think of the latest scare talk in the market sinking these stocks, not to mention a few others:


    I also like FBR too at the recent prices.

    If you can laugh in the face of all the 'scary' talk on the news about sub-primes going BK, you will be a very happy camper in the weeks and months to follow as these 'turnaround' stocks come back from the depths of disaster!

    As long as you can have the attitude and conviction that you will
    'ride these suckers into the ground' just like a pilot on a plane that lost an engine and is trying to recover, you will be rewarded nicely.

    If you have any doubts about this, just take a look at some others that did the same;

    MXT (no longer active stock, was sold for $15/share), but very similar in that it dealt with sub-prime mortgages in 2000-2005.

    I seriously hope that all 3 of the stocks I mentioned cut the dividends and sure up their financials to weather the storm.

    I was amazed at how in 2003, MXT had 70% of their float shorted when the stock was trading at 1.25/share!

    Talk about greedy shorts! Seems to me to be the stupidest short out there, also AMR too. Why would you be that greedy to try and make the last 1.25 when you could get squeezed badly if and when it recovered, as both MXT and AMR did shortly after trading as low as 1.25/share.

    Anyways, I'd take a serious look at the stocks I mentioned.