Anyone following Jim Cramer advices ?

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    Hi All,

    Recently I had looked at Jim Cramers portfolio, which was up nice numbers. As I'm thinking of investing 15%-20% of my free funds into stocks and I have no free time making investigation home work I thought it'll be nice to follow the lead of a real pro.

    Any oppinions ?
    Any better alternatives ?
  2. can get a long term track record of his

    portfolio since he started pitching it on his site

    if you have no time for stock market
    stick with a basket of no load mutual funds

    good luck
  3. He has a tendency to buy things that have already had significant moves . . . I recall that he has gotten completely "dusted" on Raytheon, and bought Newmont recently up at the highs, just before it "double-topped".

    The Newmont trade was really quite "glaring" cause it showed that he obviously does not make recommendations based on technicals.

    I believe that he did in fact catch Phelps Dodge when it was trading in the 70's . . . but there again, with Crapper it is more about the "concept" than the technicals.
  4. investors could do a lot worse. he has a hot hand lately but i would wait for a pullback on his current plays. he has a much lower basis in most of them.
    he has a free trial.


    He sucks. The guy got his nuts stomped for three years and finally had great returns last year...when all the indices were up huge.
  6. Just count the number of bashers Cramer has.

    how bad can he be with that many enemies?
  7. he is up 10% this year and +18% since inception.
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    What the market really needs is to bring back Dan Dorfman, of the Dorfman report. Used to love seeing him report on and stock and the ensuing chaos that followed. I remember a friend of mine's father had told my friend he just picked up this stock based on a hot tip -- that he saw on the Dorfman report. My friend said, "Sell it as quickly as you can." Ahhhhhhhh, the good ole days.

  9. cramer does good job according to some of these fund guys. how would you like to have your money with this guy.
  10. I have outperformed Kramer.
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