Anyone Following BCON?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by ess1096, Jul 8, 2007.

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    I don't usually follow these little spec plays but I got in at $1.04 when the trend change was confirmed. Now it just seems like a short squeeze. I'll stick with it for as long as it keeps working.

    BCON's move made me curious to look for similar moves. Seems like a lot of the energy/alternative energy stocks are reversing trend. HYGS DSTI DESC and SCU to name a few. I'm not pumping, just sharing my observation.
  2. I agree with you about BCON. It had a few false starts but finally boogied...

    You can't short stocks that cheap though

    Shot at 2007-07-08
  3. Large volume spikes on price rallies seem to be a decent sell-signal.
  4. nice job pointing this out after it doubles

    Where were you on mon, tuesday or thurs?
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    From the longshot thread:

  6. a lot of late comers are gonna lose their shirt on this...
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    I was watching my profits grow. Sorry I wasn't holding your hand. :confused:
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    After stalling at resistance from the late 2005 consolidation band I've sold half my position at $2.06
    I'll buy it back at a retracement to $1.86 or if I'm wrong I'll double up with a buy stop above the $2.22 area.
    Best case would be a retracement to get filled at $1.86 followed by a rally through the $2.22 area. :D
    To quote Borat, VERRA NAHCE!
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    The ride aint over yet!
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    your *broker* may not allow you to short stocks that cheap, but it is definitely allowed.

    however, BCON is on the reg SHO restricted list, so most brokers don't have shares to lend.

    that's a different beast than not being able to short it because of its price.

    disclosure: no position, though i've been trying to get a locate today to start a short position. looks highly doubtful i'll be able to.
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