Anyone feels we are on the cusp of something momentous here?

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  1. With all the socialist rhetoric going on, we are now seeing actual changes taking place. "Mansion" tax in Great Britain, 75% tax in France, attack on small businesses by the Obama administration. Youth unemployment at 50% in Spain, food stamps claimants rising, unemployment stagnant or surging in Europe and the USA. It seems that the situation is seriously worsening and the socialists are gaining a upper hand in the entire developed world.

    What are the chances we are on the real brink of a revolution here where the far left aided by the masses seriously seizes control and bring an end to modern day capitalism as we know it?

    Perhaps 50 years from now, people will look back and say, right here just like the Industrial revolution changed the world, this was the moment it all kicked off.

    This story, I think, is just beginning.....
  2. whoo hoo you go France !!
    France is going to be rolling in money with that 75% tax rate.
    (well that's what the liberals imply since they seem to think wealth comes from taxation)

    Now if only that were the lowest marginal rate they could experience some real economic growth.:D
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    As democracies go bankrupt, voters will demand their keep at the expense of the "Evil rich". This will lead to capital flight and a viscous circle downwards. Yes, anglophiles are entering a new political dark-age. That's why those of us who aren't idiots, are so pissed off. We're about 3-5 years out from a full scale economic collapse (Europe + America).
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    bfd. Goats and chickens, etc.. so what...
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    Like I said, the informed are livid. The idiots, say bfd.
  6. Too bad the Socialists don't have a longer view.

    Sure, the have nots will get a little bit of something from the government at the expense of the haves... for a while. (Recall the famous Margaret Thatcher quote... "Eventually you run out of somebody else's money".)

    What theY can't seem to get through their greedy little pinheads is that when the haves run out of money, there is no longer a teat to suckle from for money to be redistributed.

    The Socialists' short term greed leaves them blind to the big picture... and that is... WE ALL END UP BROKE... EQUAL BUT EQUALLY MISERABLE... STANDING IN LINE FOR OUR RATION OF POTATOES, TOILET PAPER, AND VODKA...

    Just like the Soviet Union before it collapsed... and what did they do after the collapse? C-A-P-I-T-A-L-I-S-M... with a low flat tax rate.


    :mad: :mad:

    You're right about something "monumental"... but what it SHOULD be... is a revolution to kick the Socialists to the curb and bury all forms of "Stateism" in the US.

    What made America a great country an economic powerhouse was THE OPPOSITE OF SOCIALISM! How can the greedy hoi polloi not see that??