Anyone familiar with Trillium

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by downwiththeking, Jun 17, 2009.

  1. Does anyone know any info about Trillium trading llc ? They claim to offer salary to traders who are in training and ultimitaly will be trading for them.

    Any knowledge about them would be helpfull. Couldnt find anything on . Are they legitimate? Do they treat their traders good/bad? Thanks
  2. I have never worked there, but I've heard they are a very professional firm from respectable sources.
  3. thanks monty
  4. Agassi


    Is that the firm owned by a Korean gentleman? Back in 2002-2003 i remember they used to advertise for their platform which used to have Bruce Lee etc. I forgot the name of the platform. But I did interview there back those times and they had an office on Lexington and 57th in NYC. Is that the firm? Does it still exist?
  5. I'm almost positive Trillium is downtown. Not sure who the owners is.

    Lynx Capital is in the area you are describing. I think they are more of a arcade though... do not recommend this shop.
  6. SMD


    I kid you not, they are top dog in the city. The guy who runs it is Dan, he is very professional. Highly recommend them. They used to be hooked up with Schonfeld back in the day.