Anyone familiar with these platforms?

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  1. I am looking into a few different options trading platforms. Does anyone have experience with any of these:

    Liquid (from think or swim)

    If you have traded on any of these, please let me know what your thoughts are. You can PM me if you don't want to post.

  2. No one uses any of these?
  3. Since nobody else uses these....I'll give my impressions after looking at demo's of all.

    Maybe this should be under Software, but since I'm looking at them mostly for options, this forum is probably just as appropriate.


    Looks like some of the best analytics around for a trading platform. The options platform was designed for market makers and has similar features to Microhedge. The theoretical prices are listed next to the actual on the option montage and you can fit the volty curve however you want, as well as manipulating any of the other inputs as you see fit. The options software was used separately by a option firm in the past, so it is somewhat tried and true.

    One of my main concerns with Tradespeed is that the options part of it was just meshed with the equities platform, and I think that the futures are also somewhat separate. The futures part is not fully complete.....they are connected to cbot, but not yet to the cme, which they said has been ordered and they are just waiting on the line, but the programming is supposedly complete. I'm always a wee bit skeptical with timelines on things getting done in the software world.


    This looks like a very solid platform that was built for their proprietary use. I don't have really anything to say negative about it other than they don't have much in the way of analytics. Wolverine keeps all their proprietary analytics software in-house for their use only. Software platform is mostly for options and equities, but you do get DOM for futs in a level II screen. Also, I think that there is an extra charge for trading equities, which isn't that big of a concern for me since I don't trade many stocks anyway.


    This platform is very intriguing to me. It is Think or Swim's institutional product. It looks like it is built with all the features that option traders could possibly ask for. Tons of analytics and also some built in charts. Easy spread order mgt and account allocation, which are two of the main features that I am looking for.

    My main concern about Liquid is that it looks like a java based platform, which can be a drag on the cpu. The other set-back is that it is not yet compatible with my clearing firm, although it is supposedly in the works. Again, I can't help but be a little skeptical about how long it will take.

    If anyone has any other input on these, please feel free to add insight.

    Good Trading!
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    What companies do you clear with to use these packages? What are the margin and commission benefits over a retail account with IB?
  5. Can't find any info on Wolverine's platform???? Anybody have a link?
  6. <b>What companies do you clear with to use these packages? What are the margin and commission benefits over a retail account with IB?</b>

    I clear through Merrill Pro. There are many benefits over IB. Risk-Based cross margining is the biggest. Lower commish is another. I have an IRA at IB, so I'm not saying anything bad about them. They are great for many retail traders.

    <b>Can't find any info on Wolverine's platform???? Anybody have a link?</b>
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    If you are looking for a good software ,than look into optionetics.
    The web site is'm using them for one year and I think that I will not be able to trade without their platform.
    They have a lot of information,and you can find all the right tools for your trading.

    Good luck
  8. You must be joking?

    Optionetics isn't even a trading platform. It's nothing more than a sales organization.

    I must be loosing my sense of humor.

    Good luck to you!
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    Arb Under Par:

    What are the differences between Liquid and ThinkOrSwim's retail platform. The retail platform is definitely java-based.
  10. You can look at some videos of the Liquid platform here:

    I really don't know what the differences are between it and the retail platform. I'm sure that it is a little more robust and has some more risk-management features, but beyond that have no clue.
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