anyone familiar with Keystone Trading.....

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by theump, Nov 9, 2008.

  1. theump


    I am thinking about going to one of their open houses. Is this a true opportunity or are they just going to try and sell me their training courses?

  2. Not really.......and yes. :cool:
  3. i am goint to a open house in december in florida, to check it out..
  4. jmoo


    Waste of your time you can self educate yourself better for much less... Go to the ES journal for starters
  5. maxxbuxx


    I am a keystone trader. Been with them since last Jan. I have taking many courses in the past with no success. The reason I had no success is because after I learned the method it was difficult to trade the necessary amount to learn how to do it. Partially because of fear of losing my own money and second commissions.

    Since starting with them I have taken around 2000 trades. If you do the math with a scottrade acct that is about 28000 in commissions. 14 round turn.

    I am slowly getting the hang of it. For me though its not reading a book or taking a weekend seminar. Its actual trading with real money where you learn. Its making every wrong mistake over and over until you realize it doesnt work. Thats how u learn how to trade.

    Keystone gives you the ability to do this. Plus they watch over you to make sure you dont get out of hand which you can easily do trading your own acct. Believe when I say they probably saved a few times from putting myself on the path of acct destruction. Their rules prevent that. If trading your own money one bad day of revenge trading could easily wipe out an acct.

    Just my 2 cents.