Anyone familar with Sierra Charts?

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  1. catalyst


    Hi guys,

    Am interested in using Sierra Charts. From their website i understand their package comes with historical data on stocks and futures, in the absence of any broker (or other) data feed? Would appreciate greatly if someone could confirm that for me. Thanks in advance! :D
  2. FGBL07


    There are several differently priced packages and since I'm using a separate data feed I cannot really answer your question.

    As per their website the answer is Yes:

    But check whether the symbols you are interested in are included in this package.

    I recommend that you ask SC itself: either via email or via their Support Forum.
  3. Eight


    Sierrachart offers a very lowcost data feed from Barchart and I find that is about as good as it gets...
  4. LAC_STS


    I used Sierra for a little while while I tried out the TradeGuider plugins.

    Overall its ok I guess. Nothing special though.
  5. I've used SC for the last 18 months; I like SC's look and feel, it's reliable and versatile, and the cost is very reasonable. I tried NinjaTrader for 6 months before switching to SC -- NT is a good program but SC suits me better.
  6. I'm running SC with the CTS T4 datafeed. works phenomenal. I don't like the SC dom/chart trader but for just charts its cheap, reliable and extraordinarily versatile.
    CTS has the best dom out there, but their charts suck, the T4/sierra combo works awesome.

    There is a little bit of a learning curve for sierra but once you figure it out it's awesome.
  7. Eight


    I use the chart trader and it's "ok", not sure what would make it better. Do you have experience with a chart trader in some other package that is better?
  8. SC recently implemented significant improvements to the DOM and I think it's now pretty good; however, I'm switching from IB to Infinity Futures, which uses the even-better InfinityAT DOM in conjunction with SC's charting program. If you trade at least 10 round trips per month (which is nothing, of course), Infinity throws in SC charts for free (otherwise Infinity charges $15.95 a month for SC charts). Both the AT platform and the SC charts use Transact data, which has been excellent so far. By the way, Infinity calls the SC charts that it provides "ATcharts", but they are in fact SC charts in every respect (supported by SC, identical files, etc.)

    Hope this helps.
  9. Turtleman,
    Does Infinity also support automated trading with their version of SC?
  10. catalyst


    hi everyone,

    been bz and haven't been able to check in till now. thanks for all the wonderful replies.

    have been trying the sierra charts and found it to be exactly what pple say. good software but not easy at the start.

    i can feel that it is robust, compared to stuff like ninjatrader. i used to use NT until the v7 came out. was disappointed when i realised that instead of making it more reliable, they decided to add more frills to it. but can't blame them, as i guess that's what their clientele want.

    btw, anyone here trade with rithmic?
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