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  1. I came across I'm wondering if it's a scam. They say they are prop trading firm but they want my hard earned $ for training 5-10k. Then I need to pass tests, which is a good idea. When I pass I can cough up 5k anti to trade 25k to start, I retain 70% profit and move up the latter. They charge upto 20k for mentoring.

    Are they a really a prop trader or a training company like the rest.
  2. Why don't these 'award winning trading firm' have a 'about us' page? who are the owners, where are they based?
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  4. Looks shady as hell.
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    The advancement table looks like a ripoff of VCM/TT/IFT tables.. Different amounts but still a rip off..
  6. their videos look legit...
  7. i just found out about this firm, and started searching for the monthly fees and the capital requirement. if they charge you 5-10k for training alone then they are a scam for sure. if you smart enough you would take your hard earned money, and buy the best trading books and programs( which will cost you 2k the most, and most of this shit you can find for free) then open a paper trading account, train until
    you breath eat and shit stock trading. only then when you 100% confident with your abilities start day trading, for your own account
    this is the only way to make it alive.

    hope this is helped and opened your eyes
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    With that crappy payout table you might as well take a few grand, join a trading arcade that super leverages your money, but pays out 100% and be willing to take a risk on whether or not the firm is legit.

    Maybe it's just me but I'd rather take a gamble on a trading arcade starting out than pay 5k for training. With 2k or so you can get real experience. Even if you blow up the account, you lost less and gained more in my opinion.

    This is of course assuming you've already been paper trading for a long time and understand all risks and have at least a semi-developed strategy, which of course, is rare amongst new traders...

    It's painful for me to think about how many brand new traders are so anxious to jump in the game and "make money" that they forget that trading is a skill that must be honed and worked on, like working out your body. I've been guilty of this too, personal experience speaking.

    There's no better experience than blood in the market and screen time. There's also very rarely training worth 5k that is worth as much as experience.

    Of course... I still stand by my previous statement about having a strategy. If you don't know what you're doing that experience is probably useless. Oh I could go on.. I'll stop with that.