Anyone experiencing constant wide wicks on esignal this morning?

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    How to fix this. Wide wicks not on all but on some equities.

  2. put mouse cursor over little box inside the chart, hold down ctrl key and then click inside the box at the same time.

    works most of the time.
  3. flea


    I am and it's extremely irritating

  4. I am.

    esignal is REALLY A DISASTER.


    chart looks like there are bad prints 20 cents out every minute. Anyway to filter out?
  6. this is for refreshing,
    it doesn't cancel bad ticks
  7. I'm having the same problem.
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    Type the symbol=n. It filters out ecn prints....right click properties then type =n if you don't want to type =n all the time.
  9. After first talking to the tools in LiveRep (who become more worthless with every conversation), who had no idea how to deal with this, I then sat on hold for over 20 minutes listening to ads for eSignal and that POS GET thing.

    THe chick I finally talked to, Iris, asked if it was NYSE stocks, and when I said yes, she claimed they were getting bad data, and were working to resolve the problem, but no ETA on this.

    Hard to trade when yuo don't have accurate intraday highs and lows.
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    Anyway to plot data on specific ecns?
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