Anyone experience with OceanView

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  1. I'm really interested in this company. Its seems they have a really good commission structure as well as two difference platforms to choose from (lightspeed, sterling). Does anyone have experience with this company? If anyone is with this company, can you break down all the cost structures, any hidden fees? Thanks in advance
  2. anyone?
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    JCTrading is a division of OceanView. I can't say much about OceanView itself, but JCTrading seems to have a good reputation here on ET.
  4. Ive been trading with Oceanview since January, after being with Terranova for 10 years, I have been very happy with them so far.

    Loads more to available to short. And the commissions are better for me.

    My only drawback is you can only withdraw from your account once a month, but I suppose I will get used to that.
  5. Ya I know jc trading is a division of oceanview, but I'm looking for people who actually trade with them that can describe their experience. Another question is they opened in 2008, how could jc be a division of oceanview when jc has been around longer?
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    I thought it was a bit odd as well. This was explained to me and from what I remember it was more cost effective. There were other reasons beyound my memory :( .JC does have one of the best (US) reputations on this site and my assumption, along with everyone else, is that oceanview HAS TO BE LEGIT, right? I called/emailed in & spoke with doug fredrick, who is forwarding people to either mercury (his copmany) or to oceanview depending on the traders situation. I do not have an s7, or USA Corp (I'm canadian) so he said I couldn't trade with ocean so merc was the only shot at the time. I will def consider ocean if I have time to write the s7 only if the cost per share is worth the high payout & lock up. in the end i think me you and others are all in the same boat.
  7. You can pm me if you like, Ive 10 months with them, (Mercury and Oceanview).