anyone ever use

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  1. has anyone ever used this?..does this work in trading the YM,NQ,ES ???thanks...
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    It works if you have the resources to arbitrage the stock index futures. If you think you can just buy ever time there's a buy program signal and sell every time there's a sell program signal and make a profit then dream on.
  3. it looks real simple and easy
  4. What does? Buying at a program buy and selling at a program sell? If thats what you are thinking there is no way you would be able to pull that off. Its much to fast, go ahead and try and you'll see for yourself.
  5. increase - you need to lay off the crack brother. Couple new threads a day, new market to trade daily...

    Take a deep breath.

    Find ONE market - I'll suggest ES or NQ. That's it.

    Now look for a simple way to paper trade it.

    Then refine that method over time.

    There's no holy grail out there, incl the indexarb stuff. Nothing is 'simple' to mimic in real-time.

    Just relax a tad, pull up a simulation DOM and trade something. See how it goes.
  6. Pretty good service. You might need a direct CME gateway for the futures and Lime Brokerage service for the cash side to keep up.
  7. "Couple new threads a day, new market to trade daily... "

    I agree. Why are you wasting everyone's time when you are bored and seeking philosophy statements?

    Get lost
  8. I wouldn't say that increase needs to 'get lost', he just needs to calm down and stop starting a new thread any time an idea creeps into his head. Any newbie to futures has the same ideas, just not many post a couple times a day.

    Hopefully increase will DECREASE his posts here and INCREASE time spent studying and paper trading.
  9. To Rcanfiel....I am truly sorry if this upset you...I am honestly asking honest questions and not trying to waste anyone's time...sorry,I thought this was the place to ask...again, please forgive me if I upset you...
  10. I was agreeing with the other person. This is a forum, not a place to start endless philosophy threads.
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