anyone ever trade with VELOCITY FUTURES ? low rates?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by canadian_dude, Feb 21, 2003.

  1. this company called Velocity Futures sent me an unsolicited private message thru this forum, offering much lower commissions. I inquired for rates and was surprised how low they are.

    They offer futures at only $3.25 PER ROUND TRIP, this compares to the $5.75 per RT I am currently paying elocal. You also have to pay $625 a month for x-trader, so you have to trade a bit to make it worthwhile. This rate was on 0-4999 per month, rates are lower if you trade more.

    This rate seems too low to be for real. How can they be offering rates so much lower than everyone else out here? Anyone ever use these guys? What did you think? Any other info on them?
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    never seen better
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    the best ive seen was 3.90rt/650 for xtrader
  4. You guys need to start waiting longer before you let the shill make his appearance.
  5. Take a look at FFastTrade's rates: $1.70 to $3.70 round trip depending on the Exchange.

    Eminis are $3.32 Round Trip, but you get four exchnages for $550 per month.

    These are not unbelievable rates. That's 7 cents less than FFastTrade for minis.

    Price competition is Good for the Traders!