Anyone ever see the 1966 movie 'Blow Up'?

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    rented it in video

    interesting film about perception and reality, which has applications to trading (the film isnt about trading at all)
  2. Yes but not Antonioni's best.
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    which one was his best?
  4. Don't know about his "best", but Zabriskie Point is a memorable, now-classic portrait of youth alienation in America in the late 1960s. With Pink Floyd on the soundtrack.
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    it is an atpyical antonioni and it is said that was
    praised because the "scene" did not understand
    his criticism.

    "the passenger" with nicholson is probably much
    more typical.

    my favourite is "desserto rosso".
  6. I like his earlier trilogy:

    La Notte

    His photography and shot framing look much better in black and white than in color.
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    i thought in desserto rosso he played nicely with
    changing colours. in one shot they coloured a bush.
    had a very interesting effect.
  8. Haven't seen Red Desert. Is it on DVD?
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    yes and it is amazing with how "little" efort in light and
    setting he creates a strange scenery. can highly
    recommend it. having said that, it is pure antonioni.
    not real action stuff.

    initial poster
    there is some work especially on blow up on the internet.
    surf around. some scenes, like the foto shooting in the
    park or the model scene where the fotographer kneel over
    the model have become legendary among cineasts.
  10. Has anyone seen "L'Eclisse"? You get to see the Milan Stock Exchange in action.

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