anyone ever need a break from trading ?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by etfarb, May 29, 2013.

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    Anyone ever need or take a break from trading?
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  3. etfarb


    *After a big drawdown
  4. TILT2


    Waiting most of the time
  5. I was thinking to have a break for next week but the profit today has given me a fresh boost to keep trading and I will not think of the break until a big loss.
  6. Full time trading is a pastime for people who have not learned to take the full offer of the market.
  7. i hope you did not whipsaw self. this is not a day traders market because you need victims for a crime like retail traders but you are now the hunted. if you don't have 50k of real money in your pocket you should not be in the market unless its an investment. the buy on the dip only works until it does not work and that's been the best trade for a lot of people lately. when you sit down nobody knows what data is good or bad anymore. i remember when you can look at the NYSE book and know the bids or offers were real. you could hold a 5k position of a $70 stock knowing your downside. you now have fake bids or offers and computers with unlimited money in the game. its good to take breaks but its important to trade correctly with the capital you have so you have the room to make mistakes or let a trade workout.