Anyone ever heard of the Oxford Club?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Bullet, Jul 27, 2006.

  1. Bullet


    Its supposed to be some crazy high dollar news letter club...anyway, I buddy says they just recommended some bio called Hollis Eden

    Just curios if any one has ever heard of this news letter...
  2. I've heard of it. It was run--at least it was ten years ago, when I was exposed to it--by Bill Bonner, who edits and puts out a variety of newsletters that appeal to those who are perpetually bearish. I took on a trial subscription to one of these letters--Strategic Investment, written by James Dale Davidson, an ultra-conservative who was hawking one of those "Clinton killed Vince Foster" conspiracy theory videotapes.

    The letter had some of the worst picks I have ever seen. The guy was recommending buying puts and selling brokerage stocks short--in 1995, one of those dream years for the bulls.

    I saw a report by Mark Hulbert on the Oxford Club, and the stock picking over all was about as horrendous. A few winners, a whole lot of losers. They seemed to like the otc Canadian penny stock exchanges, the pink sheets of the North. Reckless, imo.

    Be careful of anyone who tries to sell investment advice trying to get the rub from some blue-blood sounding name, like Oxford or Cambridge. A clear warning sign, imo.
  3. NCYankee


    20 or so years ago they sent me a letter saying something along the lines of - because I was such a distinguished achiever in my community, I was invited to join the ultra-exclusive ranks of the mega-rich insiders blah blah blah - at that time I had just dropped out of college and was living with my mother, delivering pizzas while waiting for a slot to open to Navy flight school.
  4. so did you go to Navy flight school?
  5. Have been member since 2003 and Oxford Club offers
    some decent investment advice. They've done a good
    job on many of their recommendations such as Fording
    Canadian Coal FDG recommended Nov 2003. Bought 1000
    shares at 25 sold several months later in 35-40 range. Stock
    was not stopped out at Oxford until about 90. Recommend
    number of good stocks - if you do think about joining ask
    them not to give you other investment options - they're owned
    by Agora who employ some talented writers and SPAM you
    to death. They have some well known traders or trader coaches such as Dr. Van Tharp on their advisory board.

  6. NCYankee


    Yes. Didn't finish though - got through AOCS (Navcad program) but attrited from flight school. Long story.
  7. bsmeter


    LOL, I remember these spammers. In 2003 January these fools hyped Vaxgen (at 20.00) to their subscribers as coming out with the cure all for everything. Talk about sheering the sheep! after a few months VXGN hit 2.00. Even I thought the sheering had gone a little too far. ROTFLMAO! :D