Anyone ever heard of Steven Cohen????

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  1. This guy is Forbes' new billionares list. He made his money trading and now does fund management. Just wondering whats the story with this guy, anyone know it?
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    He was in cover story in Business Week. Pays millions of dollar a year in commissions. A super-trader.
  3. pays top $ to get the scoop before anyone else

    isn't this borderline , or based on everything else out there

    on the street its ok :p
  4. biz week article in case I said the wrong thing

    and one day send in my resume to SAC CAP :p
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    He admits to paying about $150M a year in commish. Fascinating operation, huge trading floor - has about $4B under mgmt last I read. All employees sign huge non-disclosure agreements.

    He basically says he pays full price to brokers so that he gets the first call when there is news.

    I think he also takes about 50% of profits and his funds are closed. That's right, 50%.

    Check back through the archives here, should be a few threads with more details...also on SAC Capital...that's his firm.
  6. i have the businessweek mag with him in it.

    theres a picture of his house/estate ..... you wouldnt even believe how huge it is .... very insane
  7. Out of Stamford, Connecticut.
    Goes by the name of "Stevie"- - - 47 years old.
    Graduated from Wharton. Grew up in Great Neck, NY.

    One of the few Funds that actually grew assets during the market peak back in 2000. Had $1.3 billion in 1999 and was +70% on the year. Has been known to trade 1% of the NAZ volume during the day, along with up to 3% of the NYSE volume, on occasion for a total of 20 million shares. Charges a whopping 50% performance fee.

    Was up 25% in the first quarter of 2001 when the Tremont Hedge Fund Index was flat and the Nasdaq lost 25.5% and the S&P 500 fell 12.1%.

    Without a doubt, the greatest trader of the late 90's bull market. Cohen.html
  8. My favorite part is their "disinformation" desk that is rumored to make counter trades to throw the market off....
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