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  1. Can't decide if they are worth trusting.

    On the negative side they are based in Baleze and are from a company I've never heard of before called Finocorp (based in Israel).

    On the other hand they claim and name all their liquidity providers, including UBS, DB, etc., all the large banks.

    They also have a public relationship with a company called Cognotec, which while I've never heard of, seems to be a legit firm with a real public face and a list of all the managing principals.

    Right now I'm thinking no, but curious if anyone has heard or traded with them.

    Websites of potential interest are:
  2. If you even have a hint of uncertainty why risk it? There are many known legit brokers.. why bother with ones that seem a bit shady?
  3. Well that is why I was asking. If someone could vouch I wouldn't be uncertain.

    I always like to find new brokers, see if they're offering something different.

    Who do you favor using?
  4. I prefer and use IB since it is a gateway to so many products and features. When it comes to forex most people I chat with use oanda.
  5. Exactly, why bother with some amateur-looking unregulated broker when there are so many professional and regulated brokers around.
  6. Just for the sake of being complete, is there a central authorizing body we can look to?

    A site could say it's licensed by the "National Ministry of Finance in Freedonia" but who do we talk to if they disappear with our money?
  7. If a broker is registered with the NFA or FSA then you can go to those respective sites and see the records for the given broker.

    Same with brokers registered as banks in Swissland.
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    I like those Swiss brokers better