Anyone ever have to deal with armadillo problems?

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    I guess that's one of the downsides of Florida. We have armadillos digging up the yard, and they've dug a nice tunnel under the slab of my air conditioner units. I don't want that damned thing cracking.

    I've thought about shooting them, but my neighbors are close and probably would have an issue with me discharging firearms at midnight. Someone also mentioned mothballs, though that seems like urban myth rather than science.

    Anyone ever been successful?
  2. Why you be hatin' on armadillos?
    Go get a catch'em live kinda' trap. Get some earthworms and grubs from your local bait shop. Put out the tastey treats in the trap and viola, you caught a armadillo. Take'em out to the wild and let'em go, or blast'em if that's your thing.

    You should also treat your lawn for grubs. You probably have them.
  3. We've got an old one that lives under the house that I have named "aquatarkus". The biggest armadillo I've ever seen. One day out in the yard, I heard a god awful sound. We had a mean old feral tomcat that ruled the yard, I couldn't catch him and was thinking about shooting him. Anyway, I turn around and Aquatarkus was attacking the old tom and ripping him to shreds, never saw or heard from the tomcat again. Aquatarkus is still here.
  4. My Mom had an infestation of possums under her house and the moth balls didn't run them off. She had an old pit bull with a huge head and he would sit a few feet from the crawl space access for hours on end waiting for a possum to make a dash for the fence. He killed several of them but they could move in quicker than he could kill them. My brother couldn't board up the access until he was sure all the possums were out. The city has a trap lending program and that's how he finally got rid of them and since he secured the access no more critters. This was in the city where this happened.
    The wives tale is that armadillos carry leprocy, don't know if it's true or if it's contagious from the animals.
  5. Wonder how roasted armadillo tastes like..
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    LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Tsing no less!!!!!!!!!! Ran onto this thread by chance. Ok here we go. I live on a lake two miles from the Ocean in what was once a wooded area. I was spraying round up (imagine that) this evening, and my neighbor came over bitching about the same thing I've been: armadillos tearing up the landscape. Plus they carry leprosy.:eek: The local news here has been warning of them for that reason as well as they're out in record numbers. We have them laying all over the roads here. I see at least a dozen a day on the road.

    I go take the dogs out at night to take a squirt, and yes, a damned armadillo runs away with dogs in pursuit. That is after it's drilled a massive hole under the sidewalk, and dragged out the mulch onto the sidewalk, and driveway. This isn't the first TUNNEL this ass hole has done. He's responsible for one under the front porch, a date palm tree, and the rear gate.

    After calling about trying to trap him, I was told it's certainly more than one:( and they would have to trap them, or I could buy traps. $$$ + what the Hell do I know about trapping an armadillo? Lol!

    Here's the plan so my neighbors don't wake up. Just put a set up like this on a 10/22 this weekend, and am going to fix this shit, as I'm REALLY tired of it. Plus I don't want things falling off of me with the stuff these nasty things carry. I REALLY don't want to shoot an armadillo, but don't know what else to do. I don't like to shoot animals. Yes, I like deer, and gator meat. just can't do the deed. Lol I won't even kill snakes that get in the yard unless it's a water moccosan, pygmy rattler, or eastern diamond back, none of which I've had in the yard thank God. Lol


    Last, don't waste your time with moth balls. They don't keep away armadillos, or snakes. Where I used to live, they didn't even keep away deer which are timid.

    Keep us posted Tsing. I'll do the same.
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    WOW!!!!!!!!! And what's the window sticker lol! on that monster? Bet that's one of the 360fps monsters.
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