anyone ever experience slippage in the ES?

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  1. i have been trading the ES for the past year. i have not even had one trade with slippage. this seems to be a very liquid market which is good. my hats off to the CME.
    did anyone ever have a stop order while a big report came out like the CPI or GDP last week? did anyone ever experience any slippage even in the most volatile times trading the ES?
  2. nope. I've been trading ES for quite some time, and I've never had slippage problems in any market event.

    I have had numerous fat finger trades though. Does that count?
  3. ha ha. i hear u. hope u didnt lose much on those. that can happen to anyone.
    you mean to tell me that you had stop orders working going into the unemplyment report to enter a trade and no slippage?
  4. Yes. Sometimes even with 1 contract (when the market is fast). Not much though (1 tick).
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    The tick increment is artificially set too wide on the ES, so you can say that you experience slippage on every trade.

    E.G. - the ES tick is .25, it should be .10 - so you experience slippage of .15 on every trade.
  6. you're right about the wide tick. you can say the asame for bonds which the minimun tick is 31.25 which is by far the widest for all commodities.
  7. that's excellent. what do yu mean by one contract? would it make a diffrence if you had more than one? i heard you can throw a 100 contracts at the es without having any effect on it or your fills.
  8. Why the argument that the ES should be a .10? I've read that here before, but I like the $12.50/tick. Are you suggesting changing the ES to .10 increments, similar to when the NQ moved from .5 to .25? What's the reasoning? Obviously the ES is the most liquid and popular market, so that would imply that the traders like it the way it is. Maybe the YM could learn something...
  9. If you are placing limits you experience a tick of slippage on the way in and the way out. ES has to trade through your price to get filled... that is some BS if you ask me for one of the most liquid markets.
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    The futures are a zero sum game and most people lose money and pay loads of commissions trying to get to the holy grail.
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