Anyone else workout in here?

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  1. Just wondering if all you guys are just lazy rich bastards?
    hehe, j/p

    Anyone in here workout? If so, what exactly do you do?

    I'm a well educated athletic trainer. I'll be more than happy to start a quality thread about fitness.

    Just looking for possible interest.

  2. I work out....and i need your help!! ive hit the wall.

    I run for 20 minutes then hit the nautilus for a few sets....that use to be enough to keep me in good shape...but 41 aint 21!!!

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    doing this for 20 minutes and then sitting on ya ass for the remaining 23 hours is a problem at 41...:D
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    My left knee feels like a 16 penny nail was driven through it. I can walk a mile or two but that's it.
  5. 1) Your body becomes more efficient as it completes a task more frequently. YOu need to change a variable in your training. You can either change the intensity (by doing more work in a shorter period of time), the duration (working out for a longer period of time), or the volume (doing more repetitions).

    2) Diet is of course everything. More important than just the word 'diet' is your PH balance in your body. If you have an overall acidic PH you will never lose weight. or read about body acidity.

    The alkalizing drops and detox pads are down right miracles. I would suggest, however, that you purchase the detox pads from the asian market at

    Please let me know if you would like me to design a workout program for you. I"d be more than happy to, I've received extensive help here already regarding trading.

  6. Let's keep the flaming down in this thread please..

    that was funny though because while your verbage isn't very nice, you're absolutely right. :)
  7. Before you go to the doctor you can do a couple things. Try these measures.

    1) Wrap your knee is a warm damp cloth and then cover in plastic wrap and keep wrapped over night.

    2) Emu Oil or acid detox patch

    3) Self myofascial release
  8. Thanks for the info....I may have to do that...i don't want to be old and fat like most of Florida is when I turn 50.

    question though....if i go hard with the weights ie try to add more muscle mass, is that a good or bad thing heading into my 40's? I've heard from some that it can mess up your knees and joints even more ....
  9. PH balance is especially important as you get older, as, an acidic body will deplete bone of calcium deposits thus causing osteoporosis and cancer.

    Cancer and disease is easily treated.

    Don't be fooled by our $$ driven pharmaceutical drug pushing media.

    At your age, I would suggest an aromatase inhibitor. As you age your endogenous testosterone levels decline rapidly, you put on excess adipose tissue and with that comes the increase of aromatase. Aromatase is an enzyme that essentially converts testosterone into estrogen. Estrogen causes weight gain, loss of muscle tissue, and lethargic feeling.

    I would also suggest that you look into Hormone Replacement Therapy. Go to an endocrinologist to check your natural testosterone levels. If you would rather not use modern day pharmaceutical science you can give Alpha Male a try at They have an awesome product line.

    let me know if you have any questions regarding HRT.

    Muscle mass is always a good thing, as it raises your metabolic rate, thus giving you a buffer for a more flexible diet. :)

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    I would say if you havent been doing this throughout your life or as a youngster; I would definetly not take this approach....might be too much strain on ur body...

    I get hurt all the time doing more than i can do...bball and running have pretty much messsed me up..I am now looking to work the back area to where it doesnt hurt daily...:D
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