Anyone else working at Investment Banks notice the armed guards/police outside today?

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  1. I tried to chat one up and asked her whether they were placed there recently, because I hadn't seen them before. Something's up.

    I'm kind of paranoid, but I didn't see any e-mails come out from the operations desk about any increased armed presence or anything above and beyond the usual security guards.

    Anyone else see this?
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  3. Disclosure: I'm not racist.

    However, with what is going on today I'm starting to see similarities with Germany circa 1930. The public want justice and a scapegoat to hang or target for the frigging financial and economic mess.

    Watch out if someone starts connecting dots and finds a common thread aka bankers=Jews.
  4. Goldman Sachs is responsible for a whole lot.

    Guess who runs GS? :}
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    they are already did and it starts with the biggest bank the Fed and Treasury.

    same ol, nothing has changed, Paulson's baby is Goldman, his friend from Goldman goes to AIG he gives AIG funds and they give it to Goldman protecting his investments and the share price.

    Can anyone say conflict of interest.

    They are all so far above the law. They are no different then Madoff etc.

    It is about time the USA is showing her true color. There is no difference between Cuba, Russia, Chavez, Iran, North Korea other than USA has more muscle and has and is not afraid to use it.

  6. Someone should bomb the shit out of GS offices.

    I would have no qualms if they killed those cheating son's of a bitches.
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    Well, Citigroup on 53rd st has had big security ever since the threat a number of years ago. No big deal for NY. Just a different threat.
  8. nice to see the security guards still have a job, though! :D :D
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    Goldman (maybe JPM also) is the only IB that didn't leverage their MBSs up the wazoo. Ever wonder why they came out relatively ok ?
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