Anyone Else Wonder Why AAPL Goes up Every Day??

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by iceman1, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. I lived through the 1980s and 1990s market-mania craziness and the movie Wall Street greed is good period; and the NAZ bubble burst and the R/E bubble pop.

    So I guess it's nuts for me to ask such ridiculous questions since I am sure there are many on here who can give a thousand rationalizations why AAPL gapped to hit 570 and since then won't stop climbing higher!I obviously sold my 580 and 590c waaayyyy too soon, even though I have bought other strikes since. But I sold into spreads and the upper strike has long since been exceeded.

    But then I rely on logic and sanity to live life every day. Same does not apply in the markets!

    I guess 8.3 % unemployment is the new 3.3% unemployment and Europe in the crapper is a time to buy on bad news.

    Thanks goodness I have a day job so I don't have to figure out the nutcake hedge fund scumbags who manipulate these markets/stocks - LOL

    Just curious
  2. iphone 5 hype
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    You missed the mini ipad 7" hype as well.

    apple could come out with a new product once a week and fools would be standing in line to buy it.
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    Because hot air rises.
  5. ==========
    Actually $577 area was [and is]quite logical sell/longs;
    APRIL monthly candle close:D And market still has not taken out that month close/month high:D

    So no- dont sweat the small stuff;
    PE is still quite reasonable, but its a lower probabilityuptrend of logic in market, not that its all logic-they over shoot the upside & downside.

    Its hard to stop a train;
    its hard to stop a Trane, its hard to stop a trend.[10 year/25 year candlecharts/monthly.
    Wisdom is profitable to direct

  6. Every single Dip/Pullback/Correction/Bull Flag on this 3 year AAPL chart was a buying opportunity.
    And I bet every single time it felt horrible!
    "The Trend Is Your Friend"
    Full Stop.
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    I think it doesn't matter that much whether AAPL can keep this growth to justify the price, the matter is AAPL is a great instrument to be used to stablize the market. It will keep going this way as long as economy sucks and investors lack of confidence. How high can it go? Gap up everyday tells it's fully manupulated. With huge profit on AAPL, manupulator can keey it as high as they want. Sky is the limit.
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    Hey Apple
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    Iceman, the stock is actually down 4% since April. Hasn't done shit the last 4 months. I've attached a spread chart of AAPL vs the SPY and it's actually under performing the market. Couldn't you have picked a better stock that would showcase your argument better?
  10. Your argument is not very convincing when you picking an arbitrary point of reference, let's try beginning of the year, see who's underperforming who.
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