Anyone else trade with a blood presure cuff?

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  1. These days.

    After experimentation for a few months I've found my BP spiking at least 20 points systolic once in a trade.

    When putting on a trade I have intense concentration and focus and this seems to also raise my BP.

    Is this normal? Anyone else checking the possible effect of trading on their BP?
  2. Try trading with one around your penis.


    Greetings MG,

    For a little perspective, if you really want to scare yourself good, then try wearing and reading the BP machine when you're having sex. Your readings will be off the scale!!!

    Now the question is....are you really going to give up sex???
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    check it at the end of the day. if it is normal at the end of the day ignore intraday fluctuations and don't be concerned.
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    u are not a cool guy.
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    If I did on some of my trades it would probably explode ,lol
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    The very act of messing with a BP cuff and checking my BP while scalping CL might cause a stroke :p
  8. One of the negative aspects of trading is stress, which can contribute to ED.
  9. Honestly, if trading is spiking your blood pressure that much then you are probably risking too much per trade. I would scale off a bit and see if you can learn to trade a smaller amount without raising your stress levels. If you BP is up, then no doubt your cortisol levels are going up as well, which will lower your ability to handle stress and increase your chances of sickness. Not good.
  10. Yes I have. It ruined my life lol. Do yourself a favor and get rid of that fucking thing. The more you worry about it, the worse it gets. It caused my high blood pressure. If i would have left that damn cuff alone i wouldn't have any problems. :p My guess is that your BP wasn't raised from trading but instead worrying about the number it was going to be.

    I checked my BP before and after trading. It was normal. Then i kept thinking it was high (it wasn't) and i turned into a hypochondriac worrying about what my BP was doing while trading. After constantly monitoring it...... it became high and i lost it. It's been high ever since, I had horrible anxiety about it (worrying about strokes/heart attack), and now i'm on a beta blocker.

    Surprisingly it kinda worked out for the better though. That pill reduces performance anxiety. Musicians take it before performing and golfers used to take it before it was banned.

    Works for trading too :). Also protects me during any stress.

    Moral of the story.......... ignore your blood pressure unless it's high at the doctor....I worried about it once while trading and now I've had high blood pressure ever sense.

    Another good thing is that it forced me to change my diet. Eating right is very important. You need to get enough potassium, calcium, and magnesium.


    Exactly. That's been my theory. Prolonged periods of trading isn't good. You need to take breaks otherwise by the end of the week your cortisol level will be through the roof. Either learn yoga or some stress reducing techniques (breathing exercises etc.)
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