Anyone else tired of bikes with loud pipes?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by swtrader, Oct 9, 2008.

  1. i've got a bike, so i do 'get' the love of motorcycles

    but it does seem that more and more JERKS have bikes with loud pipes, that must notify everyone within 2 miles each time they shift gears

    a backlash is building, long overdue

    bass boom car stereos too
  2. First sign Your getting old :D
  3. Lucrum


    I've got a Honda VT1100. And I agree for the most part. A little bit a noise goes a long way.
  4. i love the CRACK! of a Harley !! :cool:

    it's in terms of sale, you must crack that throttle EACH gear down :D
  5. maturity can occur at any age

    maturity means not making enemies needlessly, not unecessarely bothering anyone else with your activities

    because of pinheads with loud pipes, some places are starting to ban ALL bikes

    "loud pipes risk rights"
  6. grow a little facial hair, a ponytail maybe a tat or two .. strap your thighs around a softtail, or a fatboy (if that's your style hehehe ;)

    start livin life.

    might even get off your BP meds. your WAY too uptight

    la Vida Loca babe :D
  7. conforming to 'individuality', in other words

    funny how your definition of being an individual is so specific

    and nearly identical to so many others
  8. I believe the assholes that do that should be castrated.

    And take their bikes too.

    One day we will deal with antisocial types in an instantaneous and permanent basis.

    That day is not here yet.

    Too many metrosexuals running things.
  9. That's been on my list of things to do, ride a motorcyle with loud pipes in lower manhattan about 2 am. Make all the noise I can vrmmm vvrmmm. Of course this is not going to happen because I have no motorcycle.

    So my next course of action is to rent something very loud with four wheels. Just for the night, maybe a birthday or something.
  10. you gotta have balls before you can be castrated pussy :D
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