Anyone else think they'll suspend mark 2 market to force a bounce?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by gangof4, Mar 3, 2009.

  1. gangof4


    i would say most could agree that suspending mark to market would bring a serious rally. they don't have too many arrows in the quiver, but this one would work- at least in the short term.

    i figure if we don't bounce 'naturally' today, that it's coming soon.

  2. Good possibility.....the other arrow left is to bring back the uptick rule.
  3. As long as I know the market tanked most last year when they prohibited naked short selling. The uptick may not be the answer. Many short sellers are scalper and buy back their shares intraday, therefore creating liquidity.
  4. which i have no idea why it was ever removed to begin with.
  5. I'll bet lobbying from the hedge funds had something to do with it! So they could profit at the expense of the rest of America's retirement accounts.

    The other complete screw-up by the SEC was the lack of enforcement of the law against naked shorting.
  6. gangof4


    yeah, i don't see the uptick making a difference. in fact, i think it would backfire if it was used alone right now. 'THEY' would be like, 'that's all you've got', and it would prolly sell off.

    i see M2M as the only 'sure thing' that would be easy and not mean another x trillion $'s (not that the trillions have worked either- funny how a trillion in 'ginned up' pork didn't work. duh.).
  7. uptick rule ? why not, ain't gonna solve all the problems but there shouldn't be such rule, or else a downtick rule as well.

    M2M needs to repealed in its current form imo, it's bringing down the system thereby creating a self fulfilling prophecy
  8. Arnie


    Short selling didn't cause this.

    If they suspend M2M, that will just put more unknowns into the mix. The last thing this market needs. Might as well do just like Japan did. It's time for the govt to let some of these banks go under, at least then investors would know who is likely to survive. Maybe they sell off the good assets and "buy" the bad. The way they are going now is going to bring the whole industry down. This 'drip-drip" policy is not working.
  9. S2007S


    What about eliminating captial gains for a year or 2???

    Have heard this being something possible.
  10. what capital gains? If the market keeps going down, no one will have capital gains.
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