Anyone else think MSFT is overbought?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Ken More, Jun 19, 2009.

  1. Am I crazy because I sold ALL my MSFT on the open today?

    I see 25 as the top for now.
  2. AAA30


    On the charts yes but not sure if it has happend yet but they are levering their balance sheet so earnings should improve.
  3. Tried Windows 7 yet?
    Tried the Bing search engine?
    Saw their project natal demo at E3?
    Used office 2007 and anticipate office 2010?
    Notice they sell bonds to buy back shares at a time when their share price and EPS is possibily at their lowest?

    This company is finaly doing good stuff like we haven't seen since 2000. Bough a whole damn bunch of stocks for my girlfriend's RSP back in december._Plan to sell them in 30 years.

    May be technical are overbought but don't short good fundamental based on bad technicals. Find something else. (potash.. *cought*...)

  4. Funnymentals are a different ball of wax. Talking strictly OB and are we due for a worthwhile pullback?
  5. mililani


    Don't hold MSFT for 30 years. No large cap stock she be held forever. MSFT trades between 200-300 billion mkt cap. Sell it when it hits the low 30's, and watch it go back to mid 20's
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    Ken more i've seen your bs assine notes on the es journal board and you're a fuckin joke. I can't stand fucks like you.People who brag but our total piss ants.
  7. What do you base your rant on? You merely prove my point.

    I didn't come here to brag. I came here because I'm bored sometimes. But I've realized that all this nonsense is counterproductive and a waste of time.

    Too bad there isn't a real ELITE trader board.

    ps. your an idiot!
  8. Like the man said when he jumped out of the 40 story window and was asked by the window washer "how are you doing" he said "so far so good."

    This looks like I was right about MSFT. Probably leave an island reversal after all is said and done.
  9. Point is some other are droping more than MSFT.

    Holding 30 years is a figure of speech, but this company does have good fundamentals. Repeat my point: short something else.
  10. I was not shorting MSFT but was unloading my wad and wondering if others thought the same, but got NO real reponse so what's the point? Today's action is confirmation for me closing on the low of the day.

    The up move looked too vertical and OB... thus my question.

    Long term I couldn't care less! I'm a futures trader trading very short term. This was my only stock. I prefer Crude and Gold to stocks for long term trading.
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