Anyone else short 30yr bond? Trading all time highs 5/30/12

Discussion in 'Financial Futures' started by Uncle_Ho, May 30, 2012.

  1. Anyone starting to sell thse, I think now could be the time if u want to sit with it for a few months. I think the spread between the 10yr and 30yr could widen still.

    Any thoughts, I am short at 149'18 intraday, thinking of swing holding this? I would roll these if I decide to stick with the short.
  2. japan 30 yr @ 1.8 % yield
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    I been selling the financials hedged this week. Where the problem comes in of course, if the stock market plunges, financials will go even higher. But Financials was a nice run up since double top in indexes in early April.
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    I see we pierced 151 this afternoon, how is that working out for you Ho?
  5. you are missing the point.

    the fish tail spike down was a new short pending order fill.

    see how the move took out the last support low by a few ticks............?

    take it down and fill these " new short breakout " clowns.

    " breakout guyz " always put their new pending orders a few ticks above or below old support or resistance.

    so we get them all short and then take it back up and blow out their stops.

    the next 2 bars after the spike down is where we blow them all out.

    this a " market maker " move and is fully hidden under some dumb ass news event.

    " news has nothing to do with the game. "

    i repeat........

    " news has nothing to do with the game. "

    the market will always trade to the new pending / stop orders.

    this paper accumulates at the top and bottom of a range.

    we will fill that paper and then run it back the other way to hit your stop order.

    every time, no exceptions.

    you park some paper, were gonna fill it.

    fish in a barrel.

    get your heads fully wrapped around this.

    now your tradin' with the big dogs and not some weak ass retail strategy..............:)

    to be short and standing in front of the bull train trying to top pick the contract and then roll out for a few months is another dumb ass move.

    trade with the trend and do not be a hero.

    news flash.

    all the heros are dead.

    one other thing.
    all the long guys at the top of the range also got blown out on the express elevator move down on that fishtail bar.

    this is called a " market reset. "

    we clean the board off and reset it for the next bunch of retail traders.

    bring in the clowns.



  6. Uncle, I hope you're not a leveraged short.
    Who knows when this freight train will stop its upward trajectory.
    SPX is on the verge of breaking down from a 2 week trading range led by Germany's DAX. What if 30 yr goes to 155? Where's your uncle point?
  7. What part of the 30yr bond chart looks bearish? Have you guys looked at the daily/weekly chart of bonds? Unless you plan on holding and averaging down, I really doubt now is the time to be calling the low on interest rates. Germany has 1.8% or lower on 30year and Japan has a low 30yr rate too. U.S. bonds still have plenty of room to run, and even if this is the low, it can stay down here for a long time.
  8. Not my market, but I`m curious behind the reasoning of selling something that is making new highs.

    I can understand not buying it, but selling it? Not yet, I think. :)
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