Anyone else see Wasserman-Schultz get lit up by Chris Wallace?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Max E., Jan 10, 2012.

  1. Max E.

    Max E.

    This is comical, Wallace totally punked Wasserman Schultz for trying to paint Romney as a vulture for his deals at Bain. It became painfully obvious that once she gets outside of the DNC talking points, she really has no clue what she is talking about. I was surprised to see him rip her apart, as he is usually very middle of the road.

    Nice work Chris!!

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  2. Lucrum


    That butt ugly fat ass bitch makes stupid look smart.
  3. Max E.

    Max E.

    Yeah, it pisses me off whenever i see her on t.v. cause I hear her get a tough question, and think finally she is going to get nailed, on one of Obama's failures, but usually she is pretty good at spinning all of Obamas failures into positives, all based on the typical talking points, this question clearly nailed her, and id imagine Romney will be using this point by Wallace in the coming days when Obama tries to nail him for his time at Bain.

  4. 377OHMS


    Thanks Max. I enjoyed that.

    I watch her lying and lying on the news and never being called on it. Wallace was actually polite and simply countered her with logic.

    Wassermen-Schultz is essentially Minister for Propaganda for the Obama regime. She would make Goebbels proud.
  5. Lucrum


    And probably take it up her ass from him as well.
  6. Max E.

    Max E.

    Thank you, and I agree, i have been waiting for her to get nailed to a cross for a long time. And there is so much ammo out there that one would think it would be easy, she just never seems to get anyone interviewing her who will actually prod her on her talking points.

  7. She did well imo and Obama will do much better if Willard tries this strategy

    Obama provided a loan to Slyandra fulfilling a promise to The American people to invest in green energy and get us off foreign oil and high gas prices.Bain and its CEO Willard had ownership and made CEO decisions in the companies Bain acquired.
  8. Max E.

    Max E.

    I am honestly pretty surprised to see this argument on a trading site. Romney was either infusing money into these companies through equity or through securities.

    If Bain was investing in these companies through bonds, then they were at the top of the list in terms of the first right to assets in the event that the companies went under, so these companies would have actually went under a long time before Bain got involved, if they didnt get the cash Bain provided in order for them to live a few more days. Profitable companies survived, and some went bankrupt, thats the way the free market works.

    If Bain was investing in these companies by taking an equity position, then it is basically the same thing, they were infusing money into companies who didnt have it, and if the company could not figure out a way to quit losing money then Bain had the right as a majority share holder to do what they saw fit in order to recoup their loss of investment. Again the profitable companies survived the unprofitable ones went under, thats life.

    How do you think Bain should have operated? Should they just have kept giving money to these companies continuously with no end in sight, and never worried about getting their own money back? If thats what you believe you live in a fantasy land.

    Obama invested 500 milion in solyndra, and when they ran out of cash, and could no longer operate, the US. government had the right to recoup their losses once solyndra failed.

    Thats exactly how the market works, and im surprised to see such an uneducated argument on a trading site, there is no difference between Bain, or the federal governments investment when a company goes under.

  9. 377OHMS


    Its important to understand that IQ-47 seeks only to maximize the consternation that he feeds off of. It isn't about making a cogent argument. Its about being as much of an asshole as possible for some twisted sense of self-satisfaction.

    Imagine if you could not achieve anything or influence anyone or make money or experience the affection of women. Its all he has.

    I think Wallace made the correct distinction and he stuck to his guns. His old man was a tough cookie and the son appears to share that trait albeit with a more polite demeanor.
  10. He needs to wait for Huff/Kos to give him his next argument.
    #10     Jan 10, 2012