Anyone else See Mark Cuban on Bill Maher?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Max E., Jul 16, 2011.

  1. Max E.

    Max E.

    Anyone else See Mark Cuban on Bill Maher? For the most part he was a pussy cause there was 4 die hard liberals on the show and only him to defend the other side.

    One saliant point he made however, was that Clinton balanced the budget/created jobs based on the internet bubble, and not because of any of his own policies, I find this particularly interesting, because Cuban was basically admitting that the Internet bubble was a 1 time bubble which created all kinds of undeserved wealth. I would have loved it if he came out and said the company he sold for 2 billion was dog shit, and that he happened to be there during the tech bubble, though i think he held back due to potential liability reasons.

    Another thing i found funny was when Maher and all the other liberals were frothing over the bush tax cuts causing this entire melt down, Cuban said that the main reason we are struggling as an economy is because there is no new innovation, he then went on to say that things like the tech bubble in the 90s or the railroad industry in the early part of the last century are once in a life time innovation, and that we have nothing like that anymore.

    The liberal woman who was sitting beside him went on to say that we have lots of new technology, and Cuban said "like what?" And she said well there is facebook, and twitter, and all sorts of things. Cuban rolled his eyes and was promptly cut off by all the other liberals on the panel. This woman was implying that facebook and twitter were going to be the new tehnology that was similar to the tech bubble, to lead us into the future.

    I thought it was going to be a good show at first, as Cuban spoke up at first, but then he wussed out for the rest of the show and just let the 4 frothing liberal journalists talk about economics. It kind of made me mad cause you could see him shaking his head in disagreement, but every time he tried to talk one of the 4 liberal JOURNALISTS would tell him as a billionaire businessman how the economy works, and he was never allowed to speak. I wish he was on the same show as Ann Coulter, as i think he would have provided alot of good comentary if it wasnt 4 on 1.

    I was so disappointed, because i would have thought an outspoken businessman like mark cuban would have had some balls, and went to town on these people, but he wussed out once it was 4 on 1 with a liberal crowd, even thoough they said all kinds of stupid things.
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    I only caught the last few minutes where I guess he went into full pussy mode. I'll check out the whole episode tonight. Mark Cuban has always come across as a limousine liberal to me. The only reason he may try to come across even a little pro markets is because the guy lives in Dallas. I caught some of his comments at the end of the show and he really is quick to criticize when all he has done in his life is sell some POS company to Yahoo during an internet bubble.
  3. Mav88


    are you telling me that some liberal douchbag pseudo intellectual actually thinks facebook and twitter represent productive new technologies?
  4. Eight


    Of course, those social networking thingies are going to usher in the New Era! You know, the era that's sort of like Big Rock Candy Mountain with Santa Claus... no more of those stupid old rules that bother everybody, just everybody doing whatever they please whenever and it doesn't bother anybody...
  5. Maverick74


    OK, first things first. That chic from Reuters. How the flying f*ck does this woman get paid? I've listened to her for years and not once has she ever had a coherent thought come out of her mouth and she is the economic expert?

    Second, Cuban did not impress me. I think he came in a little defensive because he was the billionaire at the table. He said one thing about Clinton getting lucky in the 90's which is stating the obvious, even though Maher's communist audience booed that.

    Cuban is weak in character. He doesn't have the guts to actually speak out on an HBO show run by a has been comedian? If you are a billionaire, you shouldn't care if people boo what you have to say, just say it! He strikes me as a very insecure guy.
  6. "All he has done in life?" wtf kind of statement is that?

    Heck, all "anybody" basically does in this asset bubble economy is sell some POS company to the next highest bidder during our recurrent asset bubbles.

    More to the point, rebuilding the Dallas Mavericks from one of the worst teams in the league to a top contender doesn't count for anything?
  7. Max E.

    Max E.

    Yeah, you basically came to the same conclusion as me, that woman in the middle you are talking about from reuters has to be one of the dumbest cunts i have ever seen.

    I almost fell out of my chair laughing when she said facebook and twitter are going to be the new technologies that lead us into the future.

  8. Maverick74


    Sorry Denner, I have to disagree with you. Give me a billion dollars and I'll build you a great team too. If you are looking for someone to idolize for re-building a team, start with Billy Beane. He had the smallest budget and the worst team in MLB and built a World Champion team with little to no talent and no money. Worship the Billy Beane's of the world, not the Mark Cubans. I guess you are going to tell me how great George Steinbrenner was too now right?
  9. While I agree that GM's working under a tighter leash deserve more admiration, there is still something to be admired about an owner who actually WILL spend the money and build the product.

    But I suppose the main problem I have with your criticism of Cuban is that you seem to resent the guy for actually selling at the top. In my opinion, it was a great trade. Unlike so many of the other tech companies in the trash bin of time, he parlayed that success into buying a sports franchise and making something of it.

    (Actually, I can find any number of counter-points to your argument that throwing hordes of money into a sports franchise guarantees success. The New York Mets, Washington Redskins, Dallas Cowboys are just a few teams that prove unlimited pockets guarantee nothing.)
  10. Maverick74


    These things are not mutually exclusive. In other words, spending a lot of money does not guarantee success because the organizations can still be run poorly. But if I had to pick between Beane and Cuban, I would take Beane walking away.

    As far as selling at the top, sure, that was a smart move. I've sold a lot of tops too. Who cares. This might make me come across as a liberal, but I really have little respect for men in this world who get lucky with money and then go "play" with it. The bottom line is, the guy got lucky. He was at the right place, at the right time, in the right bubble, living in the right country and he scored big. He has really done nothing since. I'm not saying Mark Cuban is evil or a terrible person. I'm simply saying I won't spend more then a second thinking about the guy. There really is nothing there. And that's unfortunate.
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