Anyone else out there daytrading GOOG???

Discussion in 'Strategy Building' started by dsguns1, Jul 14, 2005.

  1. dsguns1


    Who needs the Eurodollars!!!!!!I am having a BLAST with this stock. Just started doing stocks again a couple months now after being away for a couple of years. I feel like I am back in 1999!! Going over the top of MM's, arbing ecn's, ITS ALL THERE AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!! Would love to have some former bandits join me.
  2. Be very cautious with this one! I sence a great disturbance in the force :)
  3. I have been having fun as well daytrading
    GOOG 100 shares at a time ! this stock is actually pretty tame compared to some other volatile issues maybe I should make a big bold step to 200 shares
  4. i am having great fun with this stock perfect for scalping & daytrading
  5. To those of you who are daytrading GOOG..what are your goals on each trade? do you buy say 100 shares and when it reaches a certain % of profit, do you then sell? ...what is your game plan in daytrading a GOOG basically is what I am trying to ask..
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    would love to join you, can you tell me if you need to be hedged to short on donwtick? don't want to go through that bullet bs all over again
  7. dsguns1


    Basically waiting for order flow then getting ahead of it, then getting out into it.
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    You boys have the capital to trade goog stock.
    I personally love the options!
  9. Irrelevant to GOOG. This stock has dozens, sometimes hundreds of upticks (and downticks) every minute.

    Also, bullets were outlawed a long time ago.
  10. What does bullets mean please?
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