anyone else notice this in Pepsi (PEP)?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by chsbla, Jan 11, 2010.

  1. chsbla


    The reverse h&s formation going on. Looks like its going to break out to retest the 61.8 level then 62.5 then 65 is next level. Im thinking this is a great global growth play
  2. chsbla


    up on a downday....buying going on here with that dividend and international economies turning
  3. Are they bringing back the vanilla-flavored Pepsi? :confused:
  4. chsbla


    i wish they brought back crystal clear pepsi. but i still like the momo in this play, no one has any thoughts on this? everyone in a bad mood from the red market today or waiting around for treasury results?
  5. auspiv


    My grandma opened a dividend reinvestment account for me with Pepsi when I was 8 (~12 years ago). It has been a solid performer. They've managed to raise the dividend payout consistently for the past 15 or so years, even during the shit storm of the past few years. They're rapidly expanding into the global market for many products. I try to not pay attention to this stock on a daily basis, but I feel it is a very strong company.
  6. chsbla


    oh well, don't listen to me
  7. hughb


    I bought it in late 2008 at 55 in a DRIP account. So after a year, it hasn't really been all that great, but not all that bad either. I'll be holding for a couple more years at least.