Anyone else notice the coincidence

Discussion in 'Trading' started by CowboyBlue, Aug 15, 2007.

  1. If my memory serves me correctly the tick rule for shorting was abolished on July 8th, followed by an immediate downward test, market recovered a little went flat and then got shitkicked .

    Anyone think that maybe there was some highly monetised people influencing the rule change???

    dont get me wrong i love the rule change it just piques my curiosity in terms of the blatant corruption on wallstreet.
  2. Here's a post I made in another thread at the end of June... The relationship with item 2 is now clear. Likely we won't see any money center banks (or brokers) coming forward before the end of September.

  3. uptick rule has nothing to do with Credit markets blowing up

    futures never had uptick so that kills ur argument start looking at reality

    people overleveraged..rampant mortgage fraud...too many funds/ PE shops chasing tiny returns on Huge leverage...

    then Bam....couple credit blowups causes domino effect tp anything and everything havind to do with teh word Borrow or Leverage
  4. There was a pilot program for years testing the validity of the uptick rule. They compared the pilot stocks with stocks that require the test rule and came to the conclusion that there was no difference. The reason being, shorts have to cover, which causes pause points in falling markets. The rule being abolished has nothing to do with this correction.

    I'm surprised by the comments lately. It seems as though no one has traded through a down market. The reason the indices are in a freefall is because the bull run was on a tear. There weren't any spots where it stopped to consolidate on the way up. So now there's no strong levels of support. Until prices go to levels of previously strong consolidated support, we will see further downside action.
  5. I agree. Also, the uptick rule was in effect from 1938 to 2007. Plenty of potent bears in those years.