Anyone else not workout in here?

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  1. Motivation.

    I have none.

    Thats what it boils down to.

    Simple as that.

    What does it take, i know how to do the necessary exercise, i know very precisely what a serious cleansing/weight loss diet entails.

    Im just a lazy bastard, lets face it, and that, if anything is the thing to be finding solutions for.

    How does one "not " be a lazy bastard?

    The graphics on the smoke pacs should be enough, but no.

    Typical of the puritanical mindset the public is being sold, they are all damnation and death, not exactly a proactive approach.

    They should be, basically, dragged out and shot, Imho.

    Tobacco exec's that is.
    And any maggot that supports "freedom to smoke", cause thats bollocks.
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  2. traderob


    The book was crap, usually the Dummies series is on target but this was aimed at 16 year olds without a clue about life.

    Anyway, I find it too hard to fast so am now simply trying to eat more fibre - mainly bran cereals and salads.
    I try to wait until I have to eat, no breakfast.
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