Anyone else not workout in here?

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    Hey acronym
    I just bought a book on fasting. I swim 10km a week and look in good shape. But need to drop 5 kg to get cut.
    Fasting looks like a heathy way to tackle eating problems. I am going to try to go 24 hours with only juice - as soon as I gather the will power.
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  2. For those of you who take cod liver oil, how many teaspoons per day do you take? Do you take it with meals, or separately? How do you figure the proper dosage? I'm 6'1, 200lbs.

    Thanks for any help with this "specific" request, lol.

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  3. Ah, really delving into the science now:D With meals, or, between meals.
    I take the capsules , so recommended dose.........doesnt pay to overdo it, for obvious reasons , it can give you the s***s.
    Seriously though, i beleive it helps-my scalp particularly.
    Of course, i dont know for a fact it wouldnt help just rubbing it on the old noggin, but that'd kinda smell, its vile stuff. Dont know about fitness, but im convinced its a goer for overall health.
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  4. Have you tried that yet? Ive know people who have done that, seems ok-i cant beleive there's even a debate about whether water ,or just fruit juice is better though.
    Looking at it on wiki, some people take laxatives, coz they only have the juice, without the fibre?

    Whatever you do, make it in a blender, dont be straining out the goodies.
    I lost a stack of weight when i had a broken jaw once, works a treat, so i figure this would have to be similiar.
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  5. Lots of gals doing the juice fast it makes their skin dry out a little bit and some wrinkles show up. But you do get a good variety of juices so it's kind of interesting.. Try eating Vedg for 1 week if you're a pig like me THAT's really hard I just made it when I did it. Tough.
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  6. Where's "AAA-in-da-Beltway"?
    Does he not workout, or is all of his time spent on ET and other websites carrying the conservative "right" torch?

    I thought for sure he'd be a part of this thread.
    Pabst too!

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  7. I give up trading if I can get a dime for everyone that says prostrate instead of prostate.

    I'll take a nickel.
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    Still reading the book "Idiot's guide to fasting", a lot of stress on spiritual aspects, but I am interested in weight loss only.
    Have dropped 1 kg this week though, just from missing lunch and breakfast.
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  9. Yeah, i know what you mean , ive tried that..............(the veg thing).

    One, two the fourth day, i was hallucinating about hamburgers.

    So i figure, just for flavour, ill pop a little teeny slice of bacon in the vegy stir fry, trying to get some flavour out of many straight veg dishes is couldnt hurt.........

    Just a little bacon............
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  10. Any updates on that? Not the book , i mean the approach your using.
    I cant beleive its that healthy-i tried a similiar thing myself, and i found the overweight bits didnt want to play ball.
    They REFUSED to exercise....:D

    Sure, ive heard its not a healthy approach, but then ive heard of buddhist monks who get by on two meals a day-both more substantial than id have imagined, but just two nonetheless, none of this "browsing" or snacking healthy food stuff.
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