Anyone else not workout in here?

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  1. There are a lot of genetically lazy people, however, there are also a lot of uneducated people about health.

    Lifestyle determines where you are going, genetics determine how fast you get there.

    If you've many years of harm to your body it's going to take years to fix it. If you wish to decrease the amount of time it takes your body to recover, you're going to need supplements. #1 problem among unhealthy individuals is the acidicity of the body. Your body cannot and will not utilize your body fat if it has an acidic pH.

    You can sit here all day bashing supplements and chemicals and yadda yadda.. and you know what? You're right, you don't need them, you're healthy, good job man. The fact is is that other people out there, for whatever reason, aren't in the best physical condition and certain supplements do help. If you needed to go to Chicago to get a liver transplant ASAP we wouldn't drive you there, we'd fly you there. Much is the same with morbidly obese and overly acidic people. We need to face them in the right direction and have them accelerate.

    And much of what you said was taken out of context.

    Typical media, typical America. You see one word in there that MIGHT be controversial and you negate the rest of the contents.

    Want some more controversial stuff to talk about? Ok, here you go.. i think 90% of all men should be put on hormone replacement therapy after the age of 40. Either HRT or some sort of cocktail of pharmaceuticals and herbal extracts to get their endogenous t production going....
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  2. Oh, gee whiz.......
    Well thanks for agreeing with me, at any rate.

    Didnt i state, in previous posts, my perception of harmfull ph? Or, that i was taking something that appears to be specifically aimed at said problem?

    Whoa, i never said i was bashing the principle of supplements, i stated clearly, i beleived i derived some benifit from a couple of supplements , for a start.

    Now, as far as hydro's comments, yeah, i have what i beleive to be solid gear in that regard, but for gawds sake man, im about being practical-i dont beleive for a second, what hydro alluded to, nor your approach is likely to in fact, be "PRACTICAL", for the average loser joe.

    And i think your taking some liberties, describing me, or others of the unfit /loser computer jockey ilk, in the same terms as you would as a matter of course expect for yourself.

    Like many, i do my best.

    It just happens , my best isnt very good, and if anyone should have an idea of the psychology of the target audience of this thread, its you, of COURSE im looking for a magic pill, of COURSE im going to have questions, and of COURSE i not going to immediately understand what xyz supplement might actually be, or do.

    Lke i said, this is the shallow end of fitness, where few dare to tread.

    I did a workout yesterday.
    I went for about 7 hours without a cigarette. True.
    Best results in years.

    And im havin my balls busted by someone who , in all likelihood, lives in a gym?:D:D:D:D

    Hey matt24spfl, this is a slightly different approach, you know, ?

    Didnt mean to cause any consternation, it should be evident i know stuff all.

    Like i said diet, has to come first.......doesnt it?
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  3. You are right.


    I'm just on my high horse, my test levels are high being that it's the second day of spring.... Sorry for the rant..
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  4. Yes more pics please! She's not quite right- the big fake boobs can't have that they get in the way of " spotting " When I bench press I will be spotting them way too much. I'm thinking a little ethnic kind if a Vanessa Mannillo type she's the new girlfriend of guy who married Jessica Simpsion Nick something....
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  5. Wow...that's a 1st....the only woman i know who can rape me against my will
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  6. LOLOL...there might be a penis tucked away in there...

    Anyway, getting back to the thread. Just crossed the next step in improving my family's overall health. I have already been following a PH balanced diet low in sugars via the SoBe guidelines. Took the next step by cutting out some of the harmful products that were still around. Most notably:

    Sodium Nitrite
    Hydrogenated Oils
    High Fructose Corn Syrup
    Artificial Colors
    Sucralose (splenda)

    The last two are very hard to get rid of because of their popularity so I am just going to reduce the intake. The only product I eat that has artificial flavors is the no-sugar added yogurt I buy. And by cutting out the coffee, I reduce my sucralose intake by quite a bit. I have to admit though that the coffee is extremely hard to kick.

    I also decreased the time at the gym by cutting the rest period down between sets. So far so good.
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  7. Sorry Acronym...wrong thread...
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  8. Lol, i nicked that one from another thread;with a woman like that as my personal trainer, id be running marathons and leaping over tall buildings in no time flat.

    Because id be working out 24 hours a day, for a start...................

    I dont think they'd get in the way spotting, at all.........what do you think id be lifting?
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  9. Your not suggesting, this thread isnt health related?:D

    From the real fitness thread;

    Quote (well, partial quote)

    "To each his own..

    5-methyl-7-hydroxy-isoflavone ethylcarbonate ester something something what was that about

    I get bored sometimes eyeing my forex profits roll in,

    so, if you guys want me to gather up some literature or write some articles about constructing optimum fitness programs or dieting (I like to call 'dieting' a 'lifestyle change') please let me know.

    I will keep supplements out of my literature and stick to the basics in the future. You guys just don't understand, through college I was a walking chemistry experiment.. lol


    Sure, thats great!

    Especially those forex profits:D

    You know, a lot of people WOULD understand, im sure many were walking chemistry experiments in college.

    Well, walking, staggering, stumbling, shuffling , something like that.

    I went for 6 hours without a cigarette, AND went for a bike ride yesterday!

    Of course, i nearly killed a galah, and had a 45 minute sneezing fit (that was weird) afterwards, but thats good, i say.

    You know, discussion of supplements shouldnt be off limits at all, just, chemistry isnt a universal language.

    Damn that galah was lucky. Clipped its tail with my front wheel, it only just made it.
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