Anyone else not workout in here?

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  1. Ah, excellent, a result on the elliptical question.

    Pound the rock, comments from the REAL fitness thread, "anyone workout in here"

    "Ellipticals are good, but the interval and hill programs are a must, unless you want to be a cardio gerbil."

    This sounds encouraging, for my afforementioned requirements.

    Not a stair climber ( can be hell on bad knees), not an exercise bike,(burn more cals standing, and midsection gets little work)) not a rower,(neck/upper back extreme pain from spinal/shoulder problems ) and not jogging, or swimming, and you can do it at home, crucially important for me.

    Excellent, and as the guru says, anything that isnt sitting on your butt is helpfull.

    I dont want to be a gerbil, rented, pounded , cardio or otherwise, but this sounds reasonably encouraging.
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  2. Also, again, i DO NOT want to be seen as shilling stuff, not my bag, but this guys work, IMO, is very good.

    Remarkably, just a a spoiler for you, it revolves around lots of raw or near raw fruit, and vegetables as a basic diet, and tonnes of basic exercise.
    Their are similiarites to my previous link, , percys powder-except this guy is a legitimate exercise freak.

    It would be unfair not to point out, it is much more advanced than that, and i think he has some great stuff.

    I've heard directly, of two people who followed the detox regime/diet/exercise thing to a tee, and had so much energy they didnt know what to do with it-losing ridiculous amounts of weight, and feeling like king kong to boot.

    Again, no shill work here, ive got the basic work of Mr anthony bova, it makes a lot of sense to me, i think its good value even-great value-except that im not even in the starting blocks of this guys maniacal health race.

    This guy knows his stuff, but just as our guru matt24spfl says, dont mean diddley without some application.

    That, is kinda why i started this thread. A lot of positives, a tonne of negatives, (if you look at things that way) lots of dedication, lots of commitment, but sweet fany mae to show for it, due to innnacurate assesments of what the first two stages actually entail.

    Thats where the diehard, foot to the floor philosophy's of a guy like Mr Bova come to play.

    Hats off to him, but lo and behold, the biggest stumbling blocks are psychological-in health, in life, as in trading, a fact he makes no bones about, and yes, i realise the link is there twice.
    I just thought it was interesting, and to my mind, the most rigorous and demanding thing anyone could put themselves through.

    I KNOW this guys stuff works-but reading his work, or our guru matt24spfl, (its satire dude, you obviously know your stuff, im just trying to get across, that your not 33 with serious structural , or psychological problems-hats off to you, too) its evident the "spark" that creates such commitment, or extinguishes it, is a fleeting thing, for the average joe, such as myself.

    Im just sayin, is all-
    We have a health guru on board, someone who-who-is what, 26 years old???????
    And who swore, to themselves, they wouldnt gain xyz weight etc, out of college etc.

    I beleive, in fact know, what an undertaking that is, having made, and failed a similiar commitment myself.

    Thats the trick, age-lauren (mytwocents, of similiar age to our guru-unless im totally wrong) , clearly, is a party girl, and sure coke can keep weight under control, but you know-one day, around 30, you wake up and find your butt is the size of a dirigible.

    Fortunately, men have it easier, one day you wake up, and cant see your toes, not actually a big deal in men terms.

    Still, its just not good, you know?
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  3. From the real fitness thread;
    quote, from the guru, mat24spfl. I mean that in the best possible way too, im not talking about jack hershey here.
    Relating to timing, the only fuel the brain recognizes in normal life is glucose, or sugar. The first thing that happens to a glucose molecule when it enters a cell is that is turned into a fructose molecule. Relating to efficiency- first thing in the morning, when you have little energy available, the last thing you want to be doing is consuming a solid slow release carbohydrate-it will take hours for the energy to kick in, so you will feel lethargic. And more drained than you were initially.

    If you haven’t already-Try it for a week.

    First thing in the morning, before you go in the shower, have a glass of fruit juice or a piece of fruit, go and get showered and half an hour or so later have breakfast. You won’t need caffeine; the alertness will come from the energy being supplied to meet demand.

    Fruit is also very efficient for replacing liver glycogen after exercise. There are an abundance of enzymes for it."

    Its clear, that , people are on different levels in the discussion of this topic.

    Im talking about people who think coffee & cigarettes is a breakfast.

    Youve heard the expression, "the body is willing but the mind is weak", that appears to be a truism. Thats me.

    When i was fit, many moons ago, i had a bowl of porridge that would choke a horse for breakfast , numerous peices of fruit throughout the day, normally a hale and hearty sandwich or three as part of lunch, and a solid, but often expedient dinner.

    I should mention, thats a good recipe for anyone doing a high workload job, my difficulties with blacking out completely in high intensity workouts notwithstanding.

    It only happened a couple of times at work, but in my opinion, climbing a 10 metre drill mast in a lightning storm and dragging in a 70 ft drill auger manually, with a peice of cheap rope, isnt much chop healthwise either, workplace accidents people, dont get careless, and your boss is NOT on your side in health and safety issues, remember that.

    What everyone wants to know, what is relevant in my , and a lot of other peoples lives right now, is what , exactly, should a lardass with bad habits and zero discipline might do, diet wise.

    Thats the first step, imho-without the discipline to stick with a good basic diet, a factor that MUST come first, its likely not to end up with much-because the energy wont be there, the motivation wont be there, my beleif being a good diet plan will effectively force a person to quit bad habits (drinking, smoking etc) , if they can stick to it, even marginally.

    Yes, i beleive that, because ive seen it.
    Dont ask me any specifics of course, coz im not sure, or i wouldnt ask.

    So, what kind of diet are we talking about?
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  4. Yeah... Wifey and I work out.

    It's the only way we can stay somewhat sane.
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  5. re: my difficulties with blacking out completely in high intensity workouts notwithstanding.

    Acronym: I've been thinking about pitching a reality TV show about working out called
    Till' Failure. You would make a fantastic addition to our cast.

    The basic premise a bunch of folks who trade stocks are whipped into shape by a really sexy trainer. I've been scouting for the right trainer but I haven't found her yet. If folks want to post some pics here of athletic type girls for me to consider I shall do that.

    So far I have a eccentric ex and sometimes current nuclear scientist. A 300 plus pound floor trader. A huge broker at Wackovia called
    " barney " And I'm extending a welcome to Electric Savant and his wife.

    The idea of Till Failure (I'm taking a chance here folks I haven't trademarked that yet- it's mine)
    is, Failure is something you only experience in a positive way by working out. Muscle failure is the workout orgasm. The great thing is it's all relative if you're truly out of shape you will fail much more quickly! Thus every workout is specially shaped to your needs.

    Think about it- where else in life to you STRIVE TO FAIL but at the gym!
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  6. traderob


    It doesn't matter as long as calories are restricted. Load up on fibre to reduce hunger pains beyond that eat as little as possible.
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  7. I like the Full Strength shakes from Shawn Phillips (brother of Bill Phillips' Body for Life). That plus the Carlson fish oil -- you will feel amazing.
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  8. Im not sure about the premise, sounds too much like the biggest loser-you need them trading as well imo, perhaps while they work out? Or, make them do a combat course/astronaut circuits etc if they lose money, which they have to complete for the next weeks startup capital!!!Potential double failure!!

    The proles seem to love the price -is- right style tension of whether someone will win the coffee perc or a freaking lounge suite,as much as they like watching people hit the wall and puke, i think this could be a winner.

    The more they lose, the harder it gets-say, when their down to the last dregs of their account, their dumped on a tropical island, only they cant trade-they have to write an autobot strategy for forex, or guess their orders without any data and hope for the best while living on coconuts and bamboo shoots, and raw fish etc!!

    That could really work.
    Well, id watch it.
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  9. [​IMG]

    A host like this, its a winner-one of those velcro business suits for the biz end, ripped off to reveal skimpy lycra at the sharp end challenges!

    Im getting a bit carried away with that , too bad im not a producer. Anyhoo.

    Roberk, fibre is good, i know that .....most people, after a few days on practically raw veg and fruit will have more energy than an ordinary diet guy with protein shakes and working out might have.

    Theres so much conflicting info, but looking at the real fitness thread.....................

    Theres a lot of chemicals in there.
    Synthetics. Injections! Ahhhg..........

    Hydro is right imo, ive seen enough to suggest convincingly , most ingredients of a modern lifestyle and diet are recognised by the body as negative, on a deep, physiological basis.

    Im on cod liver oil/fish oil tabs, i know they help, but-well, put it this way; if everyone, suddenly reverted to "primitive" diets, of true organic whole foods, unprocessed everything, i wouldnt like to predict the results. But i will.

    Im going to completely ignore the reality of pharmaceutical/agribusiness production, the political aspect of labour requirements in modern life, and suggest an epidemic of health would break out.

    Ultimately, this turns into grail seeking, pie in the sky, true enough im looking for a magic pill, i know well enough it isnt out there.

    Diet, & exercise-well whoopdedo, never have guessed that.

    I suppose its possible, there are genetically lazy people, but i suspect the very stationary aspect of modern life, and the very foods involved in its very existence , are the primary problem-robbing people of vitality, of their life force, if you like.
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  10. And i , for one, wasnt perturbed by "muscles " sticking out on this particular woman.

    Sure, other things maybe, but not muscles.

    But, diet is the thing.......i like fish, fortunately.

    If only it were so simple.
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