Anyone else not workout in here?

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  1. That other thread is WAY heavy with actual information, the supplements on display there would keep a small pharmacy/health food shop in business, even with only a couple of dedicated customers.

    Lets face it, exercise is cheap, heck, cheaper than eating up to a point.

    At issue here, is the function of mental process's that might actually cause a movement off the couch, away from the pc, to ACTUALLY adopt a consistent exercise regime-yes, attempt, i havent got to the "do" part.

    Are you an unhealthy couch potato? Are you more than 10 kg over the fittest you've ever been, lean weight? (the first five is the no-going back point, ive dicovered)

    If so, including relevant stress factors, what are you doing about it?
  2. You know, with a dodgy hip, a bad knee, a couple of shithouse spinal problems, which effectively prohibit overheads, even bodyweight pushups and the like, i was seriously on the cusp of getting an elliptical trainer.

    My ankles are also kinda stuffed, so jogging is out.

    Does anyone have one of these things?

    Used to be, id destroy a rowing machine in no time flat, but you know-yeah, on the cusp of doing something exercise wise, that wont leave me in hospital.

    Or if it will, maybe it would take me there whilst using it.
    I need something (cough, blech) low impact-& not swimming.

    Yeah, really on the cusp of getting one of these things......
  3. This is typical, i think-from another thread.
    "Great thread.

    What is your opinion of machines such as rowers, ellipticals, stationary bikes, Total Gym, Soloflex, etc.?

    I'm in my 30's but I have a bad knee (torn meniscus, had it scoped) and when I run or try to play hoops it ends up hurting like hell. This guy I know who used to be a personal trainer says I just have to keep running and playing hoops, and slowly working my knee back into shape. But that doesn't seem to be working....So, not being able to pursue physical activity that way, I'm on the cusp of shelling out for some machines, particularly a rower for cardio and a Total Gym, and working out at home.

    What are your thoughts?


    My experience, as an un-health expert, this is a common syndrome.

    Previously healthy, fit, sport playin folk, crack a knee, pop a scapula, break a few legs, from contact sports, extreme tennis, being hit by a mack truck and such-like, and their wondering; can some machine help, when usual sporting avenues leave one in shocking pain?

    I found myself in this situation, and found an avenue around the frustrating cycle of pain, severe exercise discomfort and wasting money on silly machines, stretchy exercise apparatus and smelly, poor fitting running shoes.

    You guessed it-not exercising, at all.
    Doing sfa , from shocking pain, frustration, and discovering the marvels of alcohol, junk food and having a grudge against the planet, (coz it deserves it) ive found this new lifestyle does the trick-it works, when needed-its there, when nothing else is.

    Trouble is, it sucks, so naturally, there has to be an obvious path to follow here.

  4. Well,I had back surgery a few yearsago to remove a cyst on L4-5, so can sympathize with a lot of that. Combine that with shoulder surgery from a combo of football, rugby, and belive it or not the roughest of all - flag football - and I too have limitations.

    So no jogging or rowing because of the back - so I bought a stationery bike for cardio training. as far asweight training goes, I just gotta work around the problems and realize I'll never bench 375 again. Just do what you can and live with it..
  5. lol.. I'm sorry that you feel as though you cannot invest money in your health. The only reason the items I suggested are so expensive is because the DO work. Go spend $7 on some One-A-Day Multivitamins and see if they even help you at all. The only difference you will notice is a discoloration in your urine.

    Exercise and STAYING healthy is easy but once you've become sedintary and lazy, you put your body is a horrible situation. It is easy for someone already in shape to just tell you to suck it up and do some body weight push ups and pull ups, but the fact is is that your body is not ready for that. YOur body is ALREADY in a catabolic state, if you don't remove the wastes from your body you will never see improvement.

    Staying fit can be done in many different ways, there are hundreds of methodologies out there and hundreds of supplements that work in their own way, but the simple best way is just to NEVER GET LAZY.

    If you put shit in your body it's just like a pool, what happens if you don't keep up with your pool? It gets disgusting right? Well, then you have to buy a lot of treatment to fix it as soon as possible right? Sure, you can slowly treat it with chlorine and it will eventually get back to normal, but the quick fix is going to be more expensive. It is much less expensive to maintain quality that it is to TREAT it instantaneously.

    I'm sorry you took my posts the wrong way, I do not make any money off the supplements I suggested, I am merely trying to give everyone what they really want--instant results.

    Don't ask me, ask the hundreds of people's lives that I changed.

    Again, my suggestion is get your ph checked. You can't expect to lose any fat tissue if your fat is full of toxins and acids. You also can't expect to gain any muscle if your body is a pool of acid, it just won't happen no matter how much protein you eat or water you drink.

    Arthritis is no secret, obesity is no secret, hell, even cancer is no secret. I can understand that you'd be skeptical with all the shit people have tried to burn consumers with just to make a quick buck. I can assure you that whatever I recommend you works and works quite well.

    I was 5'9" 317 lbs my freshmen year of high school, I almost killed myself 4 times, all 4 times my mom walked into my room to see what I was doing. I made a promise to myself to lose the weight and never get back to that state. That's a promise I have kept. I literally did 7 years of continuous research, spent thousands of dollars on supplements, tried it all, I would never recommend anyone going through what I went through. Every new supplement I'd try I would be falsely excited and think that THAT was the cure.

    Anyhow, I'll leave you thread now...
  6. What's the world come to when the stonedinvestor answers a thread about working out!

    I too was on the verge of exploding my weight had gotten up to near 250 pounds. The thing was i was working out 2 days a week! Soda. Bread. These are the two main killers. On the soda side I try to drink Honest Teas> in particular the Peach Oolong & Green Dragon blends are awesome. I used to drink a BOTTLE of soda a day not the huge bottle the second one down but that's still 4 glasses at least. Bread I love-- but cut that back.

    Now I added a third day of martial arts type workout to my other two. It's slower and more about form and concentration yet you still get a great workout. It is also of great help winding down interday with the stocks.

    Acronym, if you live in NYC. I can hook you up- PM me> I go to a very low key loft that has trainers as well as message therapy, acupuncture etc. There even is a Chinese Master wu shu dude who will trip you out with an energy transfer. Many people with hurt ankles and knees, slipped disks, go to him for complete cures.

    So by molding a low impact workout and using diet restrictions you will get to a much better place.

    Now I also had a weird thing happen to me which is I got a urine infection that went the wrong way (inside me) and I wound up with some sort of prostrate infection which resulted in 3 weeks or so of me pissing all the time. It was scary. I fixed that up but the water weight has not come back! I carried a lot of that up in my chest area and love handles and they have receded like the tide. I would never suggest getting sick to lose weight-- but the flushing aspect-- lots of natural teas and water -- I would think should be duplicated.

    Overall I shrank from the aforementioned bridge too far- 250 pounds down to my playing weight in highschool football 220. My goal is 210-215 area.

    Good Luck.
  7. Water retention is caused by a couple factors 1) your sodium to potassium ratio is too high. YOu want to consume twice as much potassium as sodium. 2) Your aromatase levels are high. Aromatase is an enzyme in your body (obese people have more, as, it is mostly stored in fat tissue) that converts testosterone into estrogen.

    Poor digestion and an acidic body may also cause minor water retention.

    I would really like to visit your training center. That sounds like the place to be. :)

  8. Lol, I didnt misinterpret your posts, im just envious and I thrive on satire:D

    I just figured a thread for the chronically lazy, stressed and unmotivated might be in order, like most i know how to eat right, exercise effectively, and actually have some alternative health background.
    Knowing and doing are different things, but i agree entirely with what your saying.

    Cheap vitamins do give me the impression they go straight through without stopping, and following on your ideas on ph, ive been trying "percy's powder", designed precisely for the purpose-the guy lived to a hundred or something, and cured himself (and his wife) of cancer a total of 3 times.

    I didnt want to mention the urine, (uhg) but instant results-not what i expected, but im impressed.

    Likewise, i dont want to be sounding like im shilling for anything, but heres the link anyway, a fascinating story, and ill keep going with it, see what happens.

    And does anyone use an elliptical trainer? sounds like the ticket, no stress on the neck/shoulderblade region, no knee jarring etc, really just to give the lungs a workout more than anything, as a starter (or re-starter) level of basic conditioning.

    Stonedinvestor, im about as far from nyc as its possible to get, heck i probably couldnt afford to live on the street there, thanks for the thought though.

  9. I don't....I hate it.

  10. :D Of course, thats another reason............

    Sure, but your one of these naturally slim types, who could probably sit around scoffing crispy cremes all day, and likely getting plenty of ( *ahem*) other exercise.
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