anyone else in here spot the bs in this article?

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by 88888accountant, Nov 28, 2007.

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    $20 million Canadian, about $14.4 million in United States currency

    There's your bullshit !
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    The publishing date of the article is October 29, 1986, so the exchange rate seems to be about right. I don't know what it is the interest in a 21-year old news article.
  4. good call, lol, im an idiot. I was looking at the wrong date. I was searching for an oil company in newfoundland thats supposed to be a really big deal soon.

    I dont believe tips usually, but I try and check them out just in case I like it anyway.

    Thanks for pointing out I had the wrong article before I told my source his info sucks. lol

  5. Yeah, it's the shits when you accuse someone of sucking when it's actually YOU!

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    I only looked at the date on top. Curiously, why or how would the Time print this?
  7. ahhh yes

    October '86, a year before the last crash.....

    we need another..........
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    The Times didn't print it... someone must have run a search.

    If you search for, say, "Newfoundland Energy", that Reuters story from 1986 pops up as #6 out of 117 results, using the default sort order, by closest match.
  9. I stumbled on an article from 1929 that way lol... I was searching for "NYSE" and "daylight savings time".

    Ahh... the roaring twenties, who could ever forget 'em?
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