Anyone else having TS issues

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by jwecme, Aug 14, 2006.

  1. jwecme


    Is anybody else experiencing a frozen matrix and data on TS
  2. No, but I kicked it to the curb 10 years ago
  3. I dont use TS to trade but I saw a pop around 10:15am EST that said something about the market depth being delayed or incorrect. Gotta love TS...
  4. r-in


    It showed it had disconnected from the trade server earlier, but I shut down and restarted and it was good to go. I did a couple of my monthly trades to keep it free and it worked fine.
  5. Surdo


    This data delivery corruption seems to be a daily occurrence.

    Welcome to TradeStation!
  6. and don't expect any communication from Tradestation's support staff once issues are reported.
  7. jwecme


    Perhaps TS stands for Total Sh!t.... just a thought.
  8. Bwahaha, :) :D .

    I don't know how those guys tolerate it ...
  9. r-in


    LOL! Which data provider do you guys use? I was with Esignal for 5 years, but got sick of them denying their problems until an hour into the problem and dumped them 1.5 years ago. I've dealt with a down phone system at TS when I was trying to get out of a trade when the system was down, and that was unbelievable, but data wise I have had much fewer problems with TS than I was having with Esignal. I only do the 10 trades to get the platform for free, whereas at Esignal I paid add on fees for various exchanges and crappy service. Don't really want to find out if CQG is really worth it, but maybe that is the route to go.