Anyone else having TS 8.2 problems?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by EliteEd, Feb 13, 2007.

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    I have had serious stability problems since upgrading to Tradestations version 8.2 build 3848. It first became a resource hog, and today finally crashed completely. I have version 8.1 on another computer with no problems at all, and none on this computer before 8.2 upgrade.

    Anyone else had problems with 8.2?
  2. same experience exactly, yes
  3. Mine is working like a charm. However, I dont have a lot of stuff running in my charts or on the background.
  4. EliteEd


    Incidentally, the most serious of my problem was with the order matrix. I placed an actual bracket order for the ES. The primary order was received but the bracket order was not....even though it showed up on my matrix. Once my stop was hit the brackets disappeared, but I was still in my original position. Trade desk said they never received the bracket orders.

    Could have been serious, but I happened to be watching and caught it and got out. When I tried to open the trade manager analysis window to verify, all icons disappeared and the program got into an internal loop and I had to shut down with cont/alt/del. Eventually had to restart computer as well.

    Apparently there is some corruption in this desktop/workspace, but support says there are no widespread problem with 8.2.
  5. I have had issues in creating radarstation pages and insert the default template. When I creat a new page it does not load the default. When I apply the default it keeps the fields it come up with and the default fields are to the right of the fields it comes up with.

    If I have stocks in a page and I wish to change the template I have to delete all the stocks out before the template will change.

    Also come chart bars blink in and out.

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    Caution! If you use OSO bracket trades for the ES, there could be a serious problem. As per my previous post, tech service had the same problem using their simulator. Their brackets disappeared the same way mine did, with no fill.
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    Same problem happened again! After installing build 3863 I thought Matrix OSO problems were fixed. I used it trading ES with no apparent problems. However, on Friday I shorted an equity using the OSO feature. The trade filled with stop and target brackets showing normal. Had to leave the desk for awhile, and when I came back brackets were gone but I was still holding my position! I got out of the trade with a substantially larger loss than my stop would have given me. Called tech support which is looking at the problem.

    There may not be many others that use the Matrix OSO, but if so, has anyone else had any kind of problems? Any other problems since upgrading to 8.2?
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    I am so glad they jammed this version down our throats without proper Beta testing a week before DST begins.

    Typical TS!

    I had the same OSO problems, and was on hold with support for 45 minutes before giving up.

    Hey make sure you vote for "Broker of the Year" mf'ers.

    el surdo
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    Isn't that special!

    It's 7:04PM Sunday and Times and Sales say it's 12:50AM in EC and US. I feel real comfortable running any kind of automated strategy now on this.

    el surdo