Anyone else having trouble with DDE (Excel) API feed and IB tonight?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by stock777, Oct 29, 2006.

  1. This never gives me problems, but Im getting no data and hanging on two different platforms.
  2. Someone want to check this on thier machine and report one way or the other. Active X seems to be working but Im trying to figure out why DDE is not functioning at all
  3. Tums


    my DDE connection to Excel is ok.
  4. You have DDE working from within the demo app or your own app? Not talking about the normal TWS connection here.

    Edit: Noticed you specify DDE, so I take it its working for you. Very odd I'd be having problems.
  5. Dunno, something must have broken the DDE routine beyond repair and I needed a reboot to fix it. Happens.

    And the VM I also tested it appears to have had a problem with a mismatched api.


    PS!!! For YEARS, if you have the api installed in the TWS (jts) directory, and uninstall it , it craps on the TWS install. Deletes the jar.

    They have never fixed this. wtf?

    The solution is to install the api in its own dir.
  6. Tums


    I did re-install the API last Friday. It was corrupted.