Anyone else have trouble with Listed executions today?

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by ChaosNSX, Nov 21, 2003.

  1. Anyone else have trouble with Listed executions today?

    Was there something wrong with the NYSE's systems? I heard orders to New Yorks floor within the last hour showed acknowledgement at the NYSE but no one can tell if they got the fill. :eek:

    The problem was not resolved by the closing bell and I am stuck in a more than comfortable over the weekend long position. :mad:

    Lets hope the world doesn't end before Monday...:D

    Anyway, I am curious is anyone else in a similar situation or
    encoutered unusual problems with exections on listed stocks?
    If so haveyou heard anything about whats really going on? :confused:

    Thanks in advance.
  2. burnin


    did u route thru incadot?
  3. Yes

  4. burnin


    i think its a inca issue
    my rep. has been on hold for a hour and i got a whole scale of stuck orders
  5. Thanks,

    An Hour??? Will you let me know when you find something out?

    Yeah I'm exactly the same way, possible stuck pending orders..

    Have you encountered anything like this before for so long?

    Will they break trades if they have to? A stock can move quite a bit in an hour.

  6. refreshing thread..
  7. alanm


    Chaos: Got something that you want to get out of?
  8. If the fill goes through and something happens over the weekend, you bet your ass.