Anyone else getting these call?

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  1. I have been tolerating these stupid "final notification that your car warranty may be about to expire" phone calls for months now, maybe years, I haven't kept track. Over the past few months however, they seem to be coming with increased regularity, not only on my home phone number, but now on my cell phone as well.

    Until recently, I always just hang up as soon as the familiar recorded spiel begins. A few calls ago, I got on the phone with an agent and asked that they stopped calling me. She was off the phone in about 2 seconds. Two other calls since then, I chose option "2" which supposedly will automatically remove your number from the call list. Today I got another such call. As I stood up to retrieve my cell phone, I half-jokingly told my wife, "I need to take this call before my car warranty expires!"

    Wouldn't you know, there they were again. This time I exploded at the agent, who responded that she could remove me from their call list, but she did not have to put up with my profanity. Good. Don't put up with it. Never call again and never hear it again. I also submitted a complaint at

    Is anyone else getting these annoying calls? I checked my cell phone log, there are 4 toll-free numbers listed that I believe are the same bogus car warranty calls. In the interest of outing these leeching scumbags, the numbers from my cell phone log are: 800-219-7425, 866-209-7845, 866-147-9959, and 877-728-9891. I can't call the numbers back, they automatically disconnect. Any ideas on how to ditch these losers?
  2. I get them all the time, numbers are usually like from Wisconsin or Indiana. I just dont pick them up.
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    can't you get on the "don't call" list? I got on that years ago and sales calls went to zero and stayed there...

    I did get a thing in the mail about renewing an extended warranty... we have one, it's not due for another year, the letter was obviously bogus.. in shitty economic times all the scams increase tenfold, just be on guard and do everything you can to keep them out of your life...
  4. I'm pretty sure my cell phone # is registered on the do not call registry, but I registered (again?) today. I don't stress too much about bogus calls to our home phone as much, I guess I'm just accustomed to getting sales calls there. But when you start getting calls on your cell, that just seems wrong. It has always been comforting to know that, in the past at least, when your cell phone rang it was probably going to be someone you knew. Lately I've been getting the calls on my cell during the middle of the day when I'm trying to work. Very irritating.

    I should probably just blow it off and accept the fact that these calls will continue as long a there are gullible people who can be tricked into wasting money on these scams.
  5. all of my "warranty" calls have also been to my cell.

  6. I get those fuckers all the time and I, too, bashed them with profanity (after the 15th time). I AM on the do not call list and they still call.
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    I get the calls too. I'm on the list and my cars are out of warranty. Guess we need to capture their number and file a complaint. Enough people do, and the feds will shut `em down.

    Unless they are big Obamassiah donors.

    And they'll probably just relocate to a new state and new phone number, and restart. :p
  8. If you have the time, fuck with them. Make them think you are interested, put them on hold a few times while you 'check' your warranty information, let them think they are about to close the deal etc... Basically, tie up their time for as long as you can. Then tell them to fuck off. Make sure you let them know that you will do this every time one of their agents calls. If that doesn't make them take you off their calling list, at least you will have saved a few other people the inconvenience of their calls.
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    Yes, I was going to suggest that myself. It's fun really. Before the no call list and skype I used to tell them to hold on, I'd say "wow, we love to buy stuff, hold on a second" and lay the phone down and go back to doing whatever I was when it rang. That tied up their time and cost them money on their phone bill maybe... sometimes it would be fifteen minutes before the phone started beeping telling me they gave up... Another thing you can do is engage them in conversation of your choice for as long as you can manage it, after all, they cold called you, it's not like you are in the least obligated to talk on their terms... make them fight to get to their subject, then tell them to hold on, do that as many times as you can, it's a game you can do if you are bored.. maybe you could record it and put it on youtube and get your fifteen mins of fame... I used to pick up the phone after they waited for awhile and pretend to be a little kid and mess with them for awhile...
  10. Macal and Eight, those are some pretty good suggestions to hopefully annoy these people as much as they do me. I've thought about acting interested enough to pump some information out of them (in order to complain to FCC or something) but I really just wish they would go away. I did report the last bogus call on the FCC website, I guess the 10 minutes I spent doing that could just as well have been used to torture the caller.
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