Anyone else finding this market madening?

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by swtrader, Dec 11, 2008.

  1. technical analysis is having a lot of fakes

    if you have a stop you get hit

    if you dont, the move is 'The Big One'

    really got nailed today

    just feeling very frustrated

    and i truly dont have a long or short bias

    tried to delete the thread realizing what kind of responses ETers usually give to a confession like this, but couldnt delete it
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    i know the feeling...u really have to follow the price now..don't try to pick tops and bottoms.
  3. Nattdog


    do u have a strategy? If so sometimes the markets are not "playing your game" so it is just best to sit out. No one can win all the time.
  4. CET


    Volatility makes me randy, so I have no complaints.
  5. Keep at it swtrader.

    It took me four years of losses before I became consistently profitable.

    Part of it is just believing in yourself.

    The markets are the same as ever, cycles between low and high volatility.

    Once you get through many cycles you begin to KNOW THAT you can make trades consistently.

    The good news is that their are always newbies who enter trading. It is their money you eventually take consistently---not the pros.


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  6. rofl you have a lot to learn if you really believe that. do you think the noobs with their 25k accounts actually move things?
  7. The mclellan oscillators were overbought on the Nas and DJ for about 4 days. So, of course in a bear market, we are going to see sizable sell offs. You need to watch more macro indicators to trade this market.
  8. tradersboredom

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    4 years of trial and error.

    you should have gone to trading school and learn from pros.

  9. You're consistently profitable at trading and yet you run a trading chart room for newbies???

    Why? If you're consistently profitable trading, you obviously don't need the money! Doing it out of the goodness of your heart?
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    maybe try trading smaller size with a wider obviously need a good r:r so consider trading extremes and stay out of the middle. i tend to lose $ when i diddle in the middle.

    think risk management before you think potential profits, otherwise you'll get knocked out of the game.

    in schizophrenic markets like we have now, i believe most indicators are not going to be of much help.... i became profitable when i dropped the indicators a few years ago and just focused on price action, mp, and internals. and in this crazy market i have had the best two months (Oct. & Nov.) I've ever had.
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