Anyone else find video games help reflexes?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Ken_DTU, Sep 7, 2003.

  1. Ken_DTU


    I've long been an avid pc and console gamer, and I find that having the fast reflexes you need in gaming, helps translate to speed in spotting visual cues in charts, time and sales etc for intraday trading..

    any other gamers out there? I've bought and played virtually every decent pc and console game out since tecmo bowl in the 70s/80s..

    even simple games like tetris help develop decision making and "hey make a decision and Do something Now" type reflexes, I've found.. this helps me with being decisive, quick, in trading decisions...

  2. ken,

    i am not a gamer, but most definitely agree with you that video games would help day traders/ scalper types immensely

  3. Video game reflexes are more suited for quick-trading scalpers, where speed is crucial. It's not that relevant for systematic longer-term traders.
  4. Honestly, it doesn't help.

    I'm a gamer and the reflexive action comes from pattern recognition of the brain.

    Gaming is only good for mouse skills, in my humble opinion.

    I'd rather play competitive individual sports like tennis or practice martial arts.